Chapter 26 – Carlos: Page 9

Chapter 26 - Page 9

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  • I like that. Of course he is, have you met his sister Mary? Sisters can indeed be a force to be reckoned with. ^_^

  • bronakopdin

    Oh well we heard about the sisters before, right? (I think it was more than one?)
    Seems he resigned the thought of keeping Murakami then… it must be bitter for him, he has so many good memories surrounding Murakami, too! Many of them regarding Elan who brought him with him but also Murakami was his anchor of consolation when he had no idea how it all turned out with Elan after the surgery >_>’
    They became quite attached at that time! I mea he’s right that Elan just wasn’t around for Murakami, even if he couldn’t help it…
    I guess he also had some hope left to see Elan again at his home when he kept Murakami around, too!
    Oh damn, just go home and finally meet up with Elan to have some TALKING for god’s sake!!!

  • kuku

    It just doesn’t seem right to see a different waitress – but I guess Carlise needs her time off!

    Yay for not rising to the bait, Rafa.

    • Carlise is back in school.

      • kuku

        Yay! So does her mysterious scholarship pay living expenses too? Scott had an Elan-scholarship too, didn’t he, and he still works at the bar….

        • JesBelle

          Maybe Cinnamon got a raise.

          • kuku

            Yeah, we need to know more about Cinnamon!

  • Ninhursag

    Rafa is not impressed, lol.