Chapter 26 – Carlos: Page 1

Chapter 26 - Page 1

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  • Carlos doesn’t look mad, he looks delighted! If he wasn’t in the kitchen I would expect him to give Elan a hug and then ask what he has been up to and how his recovery is going.

    • Jonni

      I suspect Elan is caught in the habit of expecting Mr Singer’s over-agressive reactions from the rest of the world at large. So, hugs for Elan!

  • bronakopdin

    oh no, not at all!!!
    Look at his big Smile, Elan :)

  • kuku

    Carlos you SMILED! Wow! Elan, you finally got yourself back in there! Yay!

  • JesBelle

    That is a very nice smile, especially around the eyes.

    The last time Elan was here, he dragged the cat in.