Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 9

Chapter 25 - Page 9

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  • “Put it in the jar.”

    Hudson, you really need an attitude adjustment. -_- We are not amused.

  • Lleyn

    Wow, Hudson, can you get any more condescending?

    I love the stand-off between Elan and Hudson, it’s almost like a high-class, civilized version of the beginning of a pub brawl. As in: “Get out of my face!” “Oh, what you gonna do about it, huh?” Minus the shoving, of course.

    • JesBelle

      But when a twink battles a twerp in a bar full of beer bottles, it’s a twinkle-twerple bar brawl battle and Rafa needs another bottle.

      Apologies to Dr. Seuss.

      • D. G.

        Just too cute!

      • Bruno Senra

        Omfg I love this so much, hahaha x3 Srsly tho <3

      • IronDog

        Never apologise for art.

  • JesBelle

    Oooo Elan, you’re so cute when you get all haughty.

  • PomixWing

    And what a contribution that is.

  • bronakopdin

    oh seriously?
    That hudson guy… should really get off his high horse there :(

  • Jonni

    Of course, Hudson. If someone is playing piano in a bar they must be doing it for tips. There’s no way someone could be playing music for the love of it, or the desire to share something good with their friends. Anything happening outside of the purely selfish profit motive would probably make your head explode.

    Oh wait, I’m not that lucky.

  • Lisa Parsons

    Punch him in the face, Elan!

  • Delicious! I live for the moment when Hudson learns the identity of whom he insulted with his Hitchcockian display of self-important stupidity. The moment might not be now. It might come much later but like a fine wine it will age well until the cork is finally popped. I stand with my stem glass at ready for the pour.

    • Jonni

      I think it’s fair to say that Hudson is probably quite intelligent, but his ego makes him a fool.

      His ego is impressive, though – it powers his circulatory system.

  • Pamela Cunningham

    A dollar Hudson really these two are just awesome I love their interaction both are defending their high ground their just so SASSY .

    PS.I STILL LIKE HUDSON there’s something so wrong with his way of thinking but it’s so typical that I just can’t hate him .

    • Hudson is so common he isn’t even an exaggeration for webcomics-land.

    • Jonni

      Callous egotism can make it easier to deal with the world from a position of strength -the price is you ultimately end up like Arthur Singer: a big empty man in a big empty house.

      • Heh, unless Mr Singer finds a way out of his company’s current downward spiral, he isn’t even going to have that house.

        • Jonni

          Does this mean I’ll have to stop humming “Eat the rich” whenever I think of him?

  • Dorica

    Seriously!!!! Elan has more money than you can dream….dweeb!!!! How dare he??!!!!!

  • IronDog

    Hudson seems convinced that everyone is as hungry for acknowledgement and money as he is. Hopefully he learns gently how wrong he is.