Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 8

Chapter 25 - Page 8

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  • Elan, you are the best! Maybe this will teach Hudson to be a little bit more careful on how he talks to people he knows nothing about?

    • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

      I hope he does, but I have the feeling that idiot Hudson is a knucklehead and will never learn, like those people who believe they are superior for some reason… o.o

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    That’s my brave Elan! <3 That was the most polite "fuck you" ever. I also loved Scott's interested look, like "let's see what this idiot gets for an answer"… hehe

  • Michel Proulx

    Hahaha! I LOVE that one! Straight on target!

  • SVM2015

    Best response ever. Go ahead Elan. Show his ignorance out the door.

  • Red

    Way to go Elan! I love the angry face too. I just love Elan!

  • kuku

    Yay Elan, stand up for the rights of impoverished artists and musicians! Meanwhile Scott follows the economic/ethical arguments with interest, becoming yet more impressed with Elan.

  • Jonni

    Can I request a tune, Elan? There goes mister humbug.

  • Lleyn

    Careful, Elan, you might need a license for that scowl. So yeah, careful where you aim that (Rafa’s reflexively ducking down already).

  • bronakopdin

    Oh wow!
    I’m totally baffled on Elan but he’s so rigth!
    I remember some of these panels, you used them before in update announcements ist that possible Mice? :)

    Hudson and ELan in panel one as well as angry Elan in panel 3! Oh gosh that furiousness, we’ve never seen him like that before, it’s so nice to see him show so much anger and carry it out once!

    • Yes, I have used them on some sneak preview update posts!

  • Pamela Cunningham

    I have to say that I really like Hudson he just say’s whatever pop’s in his head yeah its inappropriate and yes it show’s his ignorance but I think if he keeps hanging with Rafa he will learn a thing or two . Everyone has to start some where I think that Rafa will have a good influence on Hudson the poor guy is emberessing himself without even knowing it Rafa has the patience to go slowly with Hudson hopefully he’ll catch on soon or maybe not we’ll see .

    • Jonni

      He can be hilariously frank, but I fear that Hudson is too vain to learn. He appreciates beauty and talent, but not people.

      • Pamela Cunningham

        That may be true but I still would like to see what spending time with Rafa can do for him you never know .

        • Jonni

          Maybe a life away from the priveleges he’s used to would teach him some compassion, humility and empathy. I guess the root question is, is Hudson brave enough to change?

          • Pamela Cunningham

            That’s true unfortunately Isee Hudson being blind to anything other then himself right now something tells me that a traumatic event would have to take place in order to open his eye’s . To tell you the truth I don’t see him being able to break out of his comfort zone at least not yet it all depends on how mulch time and or how patient Rafa can be with Hudson . To bad he’s not like Elan who was ready for a change in his life Hundson is not at that point yet . But if Hudson ever thinks to have a chance with Rafa something has to change with him I just hope that Hudson does’nt rub someone that’s dangerous the wrong way without Rafa being around to save his bacon .

          • kuku

            I think Rafa and Hudson are only spending time together because each thinks the other might be useful for his career – like somebody (Pandora? Clarisse?) told Rafa he should do this and he just goes along grudgingly. And Hudson may think Rafa’s cute but actually being involved with him would be way out of his comfort zone – right now Rafa’s just a prop in a story Hudson wants to market, starring himself as the brave adventurer who goes slumming.

            Hudson might wise up and improve. So might Jake. So might Elan’s dad. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but we can hope.

          • JesBelle

            Now I’m shipping Jake and Hudson. Hudson would so call him “Jakey” and try to buy him new hats.

          • kuku

            You have an evil and entertaining mind.

          • That would be….hilarious I LOVE IT

  • As a fellow creative economy entrepreneur myself, HOORAY! Go Elan ! There are SO many times I wish I could say this to people !