Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 3

Chapter 25 - Page 3

Billy Joel – Piano Man

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  • kuku

    I love the idea of Elan teaching his friends to play the piano!

    Also, George is looking more together all the time!

  • Another way for Elan to make money. ^_^ He can give piano lessons! ^_^ Though I think he won’t be charging Javier and George.

  • Lleyn

    Oh Scott, you’d like that very much, wouldn’t you? Can’t say I blame you.

  • JesBelle

    Thanks Scott. I could go for a cosmopolitan.

  • She is such a good dancer that young Bruce Willis doesn’t have to do much to look good.

    • JesBelle

      His daughter is on “Dancing with the Stars” this season. She’s really good. Not surprising I suppose, when you consider she did a play based on Baz Lurhman’s filmography.

      • Which daughter? The one that walks around topless?

        • JesBelle

          One of them walks around topless? Her name is Rumer Willis.

          • It was Scout Willis who walked around topless in NYC.

          • JesBelle

            Apparently to protest Instagram’s “no nips” policy? It reminds me of when the Dad Foundation tried to get the Kalamazoo City Council to ban women’s nipples inside the city limits. They were trying to shut down the local strip club. They ended up with more boobs than they knew what to do with when the topless protests started. Because that’s what happens when you try that sort of patronizing shenanigan in a college town.

            Also, Demi and Bruce have sort of a literary vibe going when it comes to naming daughters.

  • bronakopdin

    sooooo nice! I wish he’d teach met, too!

    • Bruno Senra

      You and me both, I’ve always wanted to learn it but never took the time. Maybe I should :)