Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 23

Chapter 25 - Page 23

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  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    I’m gonna cry!!!! PLEASE GOD GIVE’ EM THE CHANCEEEE ;____;

  • Rafa has grown so attached to Murakami. So cute!

    The Spanish roughly translates to: I would like that all were back together. Maybe one of these days God give us the opportunity.

    • Lleyn

      Thanks for the translation, Doki! And Rafa should know that Murakami is much like Elan: You can’t tell him what to do.

    • kuku

      Or even “How I wish we were all together,” maybe? I’m not a native Spanish speaker, but that “Como” in the beginning intensifies it, I think.

    • D. G.

      Thanks for translating doki.

  • Happy Pancakes

    Rafaaaaaaa *cries*
    I appreciate the manbun.

    • Ninhursag

      That “manbun” looks really nice on Rafa indeed ^^

  • Lleyn

    Of course, Elan, it MUST be sentimentality *wants to smack him one for being blind and deaf, but goes to punch the wall instead*

    Really, theMice, sometimes your comic is a lecture in frustration. A very enjoyable one, so we all keep coming back for our weekly session of torture ;)

  • JesBelle

    Well, that’s different. Before, Rafa seemed resigned to the idea that he had lost Elan. Now he’s hoping they can find a way to be together again.

  • PomixWing

    They’re bonding over their longing for Elan! WAAAAAH -gross sobbing-!!

  • DC

    Loving that song, smiled all the way through it.

    • I’ve had it for a looooong time. When I heard it my first thought was “Elan”.

  • kuku

    Yes Elan you need to FIND OUT FOR SURE. Just like Scott told you to do.

    Rafa, I’m so glad you ditched Hudson and came back to talk to Murakami. Murakami is much better company and you need that serenity around you.

  • bronakopdin

    and again, I have no idea what Rafa is writing there, if only I knew Spanish…

    and I so loved this panel when we had it on the updates news xD RafaxMurakami staring contest!
    Elan looks so puzzled or even sceptical… he still doesn’t believe his own conclusion but he’S so RIGHT!

    • I made a rough translation and kuku added input. ^_^

      • bronakopdin

        aaah! I totally overlooked your comments >_<'
        was in a hurry that morning!
        thanks a lot!!!

  • Red

    He still have a little tiny tiny bit of hope….

  • Sarah Coleman

    What’s this? I reached the current comic? I am glad, yet disappointed. These boys need to sit down and have a talk! They’re breaking my heart!

    I loved the this last segment with the prick reporter. It’s good that Elan showed that he can stand up for himself; that last scene with Rafa made me giggle with malicious glee.

    Great, moving story! Beautiful art, I love the sketchy simplicity of it. I’m almost sad to see that the story will eventually come to an end. On the other hand, these boys need kiss and make up!

  • Dorica

    Espero que sea asi…Rafa!!!!