Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 22

Chapter 25 - Page 22

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  • I am just going to giggle for a bit at this page.

    • Lleyn

      Oh, me too. I hope Hudson wet his (no doubt) expensive pants.

      • JesBelle

        Oh, he got the pants at a second-hand store. The ridiculous Andrew Christian undies set him back $30, though.

        • Lleyn

          And they are hand-wash only ;)

    • D. G.

      I giggled too.

  • JesBelle

    Hehe, I was thinking on the last update that Hudson would not be keen on riding around without a proper seatbelt.

  • bronakopdin

    oh lol no seat belts? Now I actually have to scold you Rafa, do sth about it >_>’
    safety is so important! Think back on how you met Elan!

  • proulxmontpellier

    Oh, he’s got seat belts allright, just the old type ones, only waistline, no shoulder straps. It’s been a while since seatbelts were around, kids…

    • Yes, it was his abuelo’s car, circa 1970s? Only waist belts back then. They work fine, unless you are going fast a stop suddenly and you whiplash and guts get crushed.

      • So just how much has Hudson managed to annoy Rafa?

        j/k I am sure he wouldn’t do anything too bad.

        • D. G.

          I wish he would do something too bad. Lol.