Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 21

Chapter 25 - Page 21

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  • LOL Hudson you done missed your chance and I don’t think Rafa is amenable to putting in a “good word” for you.

  • Ninhursag

    Lol, that reporter asshole looks so dumb right now, serves him right for treating Elan like that.

  • Lleyn

    Makes sense that Hudson for once does not look plain stupid and vain the minute he smells a story. But it’s a story he’s missed. Sorry darling, zero points for you.

  • bronakopdin


    Oh dang I normally don’t like spiteful people but rigth now all I think is HE SO DESERVES IT!!!
    The face he’s making!!! I’d have paid money to see this!

  • Jonni

    So Hudson goes out of his way to insult Elan, assuming that Elan is someone beneath him, but as soon as he finds out Elan is someone he can get a huge story out of, Hudson assumes he can just waltz back in with a good word from a friend. He couldn’t accept his losses with good grace or (omg) APOLOGISE. Hudson no matter how rich you might be, you will always be cheap.

  • JesBelle

    I like the idea that he thinks that Rafa could put in a good word. I mean he just saw that Rafa and Elan are engaged in some kind of feline custody battle.

    Also, what kind of person holds a man’s cat hostage? I guess it has worked before.

  • D. G.

    Damn. I was hoping d.burch was gonna comment here. U know for his fine wine moment. Oh well.

  • IronDog

    Yep. Pretentious to an extreme degree. At least learn to tell the difference between fake and real shoes, silly man. I’ve a feeling that Hudson may finally be approaching the cusp of a realisation that these people have self-respect – and that he is severely lacking in it.