Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 16

Chapter 25 - Page 16

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  • bronakopdin


  • Lleyn

    Ohhhhhh…. Be still my beating heart!

    (And now I wonder whether Rafa buttoned his shirt on purpose, to draw attention to the necklace, or to hide it, or did it subconsciously…)

  • Pamela Cunningham

    Here’s your chance Elan TAKE IT I bet Scott’s coming to interfere someone is I just now it but I hope not .

  • kuku

    Finally! So do something!

  • I finally after an embarrassing amount of time, make it back to catch up to what I have missed and you leave me at this cliff hanger moment. Oh my dear you never fail to make me growl so loud in frustration someone in the house comes to see if I accidentally killed myself or something.

    Can’t wait! PLEASE PLEASE get back together like NOW!!!!! after the 2015 I’ve had I need happy times for these two! only that will make this year not a total suckfest!

  • I am literally dying right now. Please, guys, for the love of all that is pure in this world, MAKE UP. GAH.

  • SVM2015

    Oh man. Just reread all the pages leading up to this point. Somehow this is going to either make it or break it!

  • I re-read the whole story again, twice! I’m just dieing here for the next part!

  • kahltira

    You’re killing me…..I am dead…..I am almost crying here. Not even joking.

  • Mal

    Saw the arrow forward button and thought “Oh yeah, there’s another page!” then pushed it and went “fuck you, website!” because that was completely unfair for it to lead me on like that.

  • Red

    Oh my!

  • Ninhursag

    Well it was about time for Elan to recognize the necklace.

  • IronDog

    Speak. Say something. No matter how daunting it may be. Break this wall.