Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 10

Chapter 25 - Page 9

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  • kuku

    Ooooooo, Elan. So serious, so angry, so handsome, so cutting.

    Yay for your posse, too. I have to laugh at Javier calling Hudson a shrimp when Hudson and Elan are about exactly the same size.

    If Elan thinks Rafa has gone from Jake to Hudson he can’t think much of Rafa’s taste….

  • *giggles* Rafa needs liquid courage to deal with this.

    *squee!* I love the posse pose and attitude in the middle. It is just too perfect! Would it be possible to have that as a wallpaper?

    Now as funny as it would be for Elan to say a**, it would also be great if Elan used a bunch of technical terms.

    • For large version I only have the old slighted colored version with text on it and the plain black and white version sans text/color.

  • Oriana

    Elan, Javier, and George look like some sort of a vigilante superhero group- it’s spectacular. :)

  • Lleyn

    Elan! If your mother were alive, she’d have to wash your mouth with soap now.

    Seriously though, the thought that Rafa of all people has to stop Elan from saying something really not all that civilized is funny as all hell.

  • PomixWing

    WHOA. WHOA. Did Elan just….. HE DID! :D

  • Hati

    Why must you toy with my heartstrings by making this the last page until next week?? Evil, evil artist…

  • bronakopdin

    Yay for George and Javier backing him up!
    But Elan fighting back is even better :D
    He’s blushing there in the last panel right? He’s already ashamed of what he didn’t even say yet xD
    so awesome ^^

  • Lisa Parsons

    Don’t fuck with Elan.

    I will cram that dollar up his ass just for you, babe!

  • “…crammed up your….”

    Me! OOH! Pick me!

    “…posterior inferior transverse colorectal escape hatch.”

  • Pamela Cunningham

    OMG it’s Elan and his posse I have to say that these two page’s have made my week you know Elan really needs a red cape with an S on his chest cause he looks like superman with that pose and the fellows his sidekicks TO FUNNY .

  • kuku

    But Hudson only said his pants would fly off if someone defended him the way Rafa defended you, Elan – and somehow I don’t see that happening.

  • kahltira

    Elan…. backbone is sexy on you….
    I love that as he finds himself… he’s also found the strength to speak his’s beautiful

  • Dorica

    Elan has gotten his groove on!!!! Yay…..I’m team Elan!!! Rafa you are seriously slacking!!!!