Chapter 25 – The Corner Hole Part Deux: Page 1

Chapter 25 - Page 1

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  • ….this is too funny. “I thought you’d get a real boner walking around here.” “I could write a story!”

    at least he isn’t Rita Skeeter with her lying “quick quotes quill”….

    edit: Rafa looks nice is his jeans and long sleeved button down shirt and sunglasses and hair loose.

  • “What a de-LIGHTFUL pattern of color in that filthy graffiti. This is so EXCITING! It reminds me of that time Liza took a wrong turn and we found ourselves in the heart of Liberty City! Thankfully we had power windows and Onstar but I always wanted to sample more of that charged racial atmosphere. I prefer a truly authentic experience, don’t you?”

    “Keep talking and you’ll get more ‘authentic’ than you can handle.”

    • Lleyn

      Two thumbs up!

  • kuku

    It makes me sad that Rafa is playing up all the negative, hiding cynically behind his glasses, still in his “pigeons are rats with wings” mood.

    Hudson is unknowingly showing how very unlike Elan he is every time he opens his mouth.

    • Lleyn

      Oh, you’re right! If anything, Hudson is good to show Rafa how exceptionally Elan is, coming from a similar background, yet without being condescending and simpering.

      • Jonni

        Elan has the intellect without the vanity.

  • bronakopdin

    oh wow, this could really be an interesting city tour with stories like that x’D
    for real now!
    and Rafa why are you talking about boners….

  • IronDog

    A fresh perspective can be addictive, regardless of source or accuracy.