Chapter 24 – Unlike William Tell: Page 9

Chapter 24 - Page 9

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  • *hugs and cuddles with Elan* Awwww honey!!

  • D. Garrett

    poor elan. i hope he heals faster than he expects. and this page makes me miss animals. they can be so comforting.

  • kuku

    Aw Elan honey honey. It was he who failed as father, not you as son.

    He gave you birds but didn’t want to permit the freedom of the skies.

  • JesBelle

    It’s funny. I had forgotten that GGM was a gift from Elan’s father. I wonder if Elan thinks of GGM as a rare kindness from his father or if he is reminded of the fact that his father was only trying to curry favor with him so that he wouldn’t think too critically about signing away his inheritance.

  • Jonni

    Oh no, is Elan blaming himself for what Mr Singer did? And he’s been carrying the pain and guilt of it alone all this time? Somedays these guys leave me in tears, one day I hope they will be tears of joy.

  • PomixWing

    Elan, no. You’re dad’s the one who threw his life out the window, don’t blame yourself! :(

  • bronakopdin

    gosh poor Elan…
    I totally get him, emotional wounds and pain are so much worse than physical ones…

  • “The sorrow of the elves is they dare not touch a friend … for touching brings a change that magic cannot mend.”

    –Heather Alexander, “Arafel’s Lament”