Chapter 24 – Unlike William Tell: Page 6

Chapter 24 - Page 6

Tidal Wave by Snowmine

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  • bronakopdin

    there are two times “an” in the speechbubble of panel one :)

    and Elan… I think it’s good for him to be hesistant… not only because I want him and Rafa back together, it’s better to stay alone for a while after a breakup, rushing to a new relationship seldom ends good >_<'

  • Red

    No! Your life isn’t enough full yet! There’s someone missing there!!

    • And it’s not Scott! Cute as that is.

      • Red

        True true…

  • kuku

    The combination of the song and the way Scott is running make me worry that Scott might be heading for heartache here… Maybe he told himself “go slow” but isn’t quite able to take his own advice…

  • D. Garrett

    hmmm. a stolen kiss at some point? maybe george will breach the “rafa” topic. he will have to be subtle with scott right there. (i think he is more observant than he lets on.) hope george is in a much healthier state now.

  • PomixWing

    NO IT IS NOT FULL ETHAN! Don’t Say you’re happy without Rafa when you’re not! :c

  • Dakejev

    Why am I filled with a sense of foreboding for Scott’s safety/health?

  • Eric

    Just a quick grammar comment… (and only because I think Elan would be interested in precise language): ‘anathema’ does not generally take an article. Something is anathema. It is redundant to say “an anathema”.