Chapter 24 – Unlike William Tell: Page 4

Chapter 24 - Page 4

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  • Rache

    Ohhh Rafa!! That portrait is just… he’s so beautiful omg!!

  • I wonder how this will go. *grabs popcorn*

    • D. Garrett

      *holds out cupped hand…”share?”

      • *shares popcorn*

        • D. Garrett

          ty. *gobbles popcorn too fast. mmmmm!

  • D. Garrett

    this boy is gorgeous!!! and now rafa’s perspective. should be interesting.

    • Yes very! ^_^ It will be so interesting. ^_^

      • Doki, just letting you know I sent you a FB Friend Req. Just so you know it’s me and not some random weirdo. (Emphasis on random??) ;) :)

  • kuku

    Lay it all out so you can take a look at it, Rafa honey.

    • JesBelle

      Yes, what kuku said.

  • D. Garrett

    rafa reminds me a little of george michael from wham.

  • Ashley Schweiss

    Oh Rafa! I hope this therapist knocks some sense into you.

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    My brother is a psychologist/therapist… and this scene is just too familiar to me xD people have such a wrong concept of what a therapy is for.. I really hope that once Rafa puts everything into words, he will notice more than one thing… and also heal a little (though he HAS to speak to Elan.. ;___; you have to talk to each other, dummie babies ;__;)

    • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

      Alsoooo Rafa looks utterly handsome in this scene <3

  • Red

    AAaaawwwwwwww Rafa’s hurtful face hurts me!

  • Guest

    OMG, that Rafa’s hurtful face hurts me!…

  • bronakopdin

    oh wow…
    he’s goona talk…
    I mean I think it’s a good idea to finally talk! Hopefully she can help him to find the right direction >_<'
    she looks really nice and understanding though I have a good feeling about this somehow :)
    Rafa's expresssion though… he's really jumping over his shadow here!

  • Hey Doki, I think I just found you on FB and sent you a Friend Req. Just so you know it’s me. :)

  • IronDog

    That’s not how it works, bud. But hey… Talk away XD