Chapter 24 – Unlike William Tell: Page 12

Chapter 24 - Page 12

Disappear (feat. Garrison Starr) by Cary Brothers

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  • Scott has chest fuzz. This makes me happy.

  • DC

    Another lovely song for another page so beautifully drawn and depicting so much emotion. I love your use of music.

  • kuku

    Aw, Scott, I was afraid of this – you’re gonna hurt and it’s no one’s fault and you can see it coming but you can’t stop it. Aw man, now there are three people I’m going to be hurting for here.

  • bronakopdin

    You can actually FEEL his longing there!
    I feel so bad for him because I still wanna see Elan and Rafa back together >/////<'

    and the song <3 so awesome again

  • Lleyn

    Oh Scott… Damnit, can’t they have a happy threesome? I mean, I want Elan and Rafa back together, but, but, but… he’s such a nice guy, and look at those lovely muscles!

  • D. Garrett

    im def worried about scott. O_Q and nice song pic again. :)

  • JesBelle

    Oh, Scott has it bad. Poor guy, I’d be worried about him if he had just made that selfie his wallpaper.

  • PomixWing

    Oh no! Scott knows he’s not getting Elan and that he’s falling HARD for him too :(

  • Red

    Oh I don’t want him to get hurt but it is what I see coming… sad though…

  • Sunition Sharm

    This is the most awesome web comic I have read…when will this next update?

    • Baring any new emergencies, this week!


  • dee gee

    Hey. Nice song pic again the mice. BTW I’m dgarrett returned from a lengthy absence. Feels good to b back. : )