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Chapter 24 - Page 9

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  • Elan!!!! *big hugs*

  • kuku

    Oh, that is devastating.

    At least this seems written from a future perspective where Elan has begun to forgive himself and believe he has the right to happiness.

    • SVM2015

      Agreed. They both need a proper release somehow.

  • JesBelle

    “The father believes in his own heart’s right to aim…” I just love that.

    I find myself wishing Elan would cry. He seems so in need of catharsis. But then, I suppose I would be wishing that Rafa was there to hold him.

    Arthur Singer is a small-minded bully, a horrible father, a cheat, and all-around awful human being. He’s the one who’s not good enough for you, Elan.

    • Jonni

      I heartily agree.

  • PomixWing

    -grabs Elan into a ginormu bear hug- !!! TT A TT

  • bronakopdin

    this is too much for me >____<'

  • Trauma is a venom that renders one incapable of feeling worthy of compassion. Though stricken, the heart feels worthy of its wound. Only silence–a cold and pitiless companion–remains to bear witness.

    • JesBelle

      I think poetry is catching in your case, DB.

      • Thank you, I enjoy writing prose, but I must feel truly inspired to make it work. I identify strongly with Elan’s pain and so the words flow freely. If only Elan felt as free.

        • Jonni

          As heartbreaking as it is to read, Elan is finding a voice for his pain. The voice gives acknowledgment, acknowledgment will lead to healing, healing will lead to freedom. Freedom will lead him to the joy I’m sure we all so dearly wish for him.

          • kuku

            Yeah, sometimes making art is like crafting a vessel for the pain, it can hold some of it so you don’t have to carry it all inside.

          • Jonni

            Achingly true.

      • SVM2015

        It’s very well crafted and brought some tears. I’m in a poetry class currently and sonnets are a bane to my existence. Though Elan’s work is coming from a fragile place, the power behind his words is motivating me to give this form another shot. Even if the personal pain doesn’t go as deep as what Elan’s gone through, it seems like we all deal with that demon of doubt at some point.

  • wow! Yes, you can see why the whole neighborhood has a crush on him, make and female (except for Carlos and Carlise of course).

    • kuku

      I’m a little worried about the way he makes bursts of flame and smoke and splits himself up though – there are more of him to go around to the adoring fans, but it has a bit of a deal-with-the-devil feel.

      D. Garret, is this you and are you the secret model for Rafa? :D

      • I hope so, then he can volunteer to do some stock photos for me. I do have some nude scenes in the future.

        Or get this guy to help me please:

        • D. Garrett

          u hope i am a guy!? *so hurt now…goes and cries and debates making brownies ahead of schedule…

      • D. Garrett

        i am female! *goes outside and flashes boobies to the neighborhood. (chuckles)

        i do understand the confusion tho. should have done this on april first. oh well. :/

        • kuku

          Ah, so this is your fraternal twin!

          No offense meant!

          (Hey, I have been mistaken for a guy IN PERSON.)

          • D. Garrett

            fraid not. i had a solo birth. np. not a big singer tho. im okay….*sniffles a lil

  • ….it looks like a concert in space in a way….there are times with the powder and light and flooring/walls that make it like nebula-ish ?

    great video!!

    • D. Garrett

      glad u like it. i thought the vid was cool and he is talented and sexy. and happens to look like rafa too. :)

  • IronDog

    This one is actually beautiful, in a devastating way. Elan, take your time. These wounds heal slowly but thoroughly with enough gentle care. In many ways, I’m glad that they’re both taking time for healing and self-reflection.