Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 7

Chapter 23 - Page 7

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  • …..If Elan is thinking what I think he is thinking….NOT TRUE!!! *hugs* But you won’t relly find out unless you guys actually sit down and have a nice long talk! Followed by kissing and making out!

    This is a really cute page! ^_^

    • Red

      Hi doki, I don’t have internet that’s why I am soooo absent lately. I’m totally with you, or at least he has to get the revealing journal back…. *sights* I’m so not liking the direction this is taking….

  • kuku

    “Toasting with water still counts.” Thank you Scott, you’re a sweetie.

    Well, Scott offers to talk about Rafa, but… I guess Elan will travel this other path for a while first.

  • bronakopdin

    awwwww…. Elan seems to be totally down when it’s about Rafa… and at the same time pissed/disappointed… >_<'
    I hope they'll be fine

  • DayiaKnyte

    My take on Elan since the shooting has not been a popular one. This will be no different.
    As far as I’m concerned he has shown himself to be nothing more than a lying, pretentious, brat; and I no longer respect him as a person. In fact, I don’t really like him as a person all that much anymore.
    As I have explained in past posts; I have made mistakes in my life; I can reasonably rationalize why I acted the way I did; never the less, it doesn’t change the fact I was wrong, that some of my behaviors hurt others, nor excused the fact I did them. I was still being a self-righteous jerk.
    And that is probably why I am being so hard on Elan … been there, done that.

    It is going to be difficult for me to continue reading not liking one of the main characters now.

    • JesBelle

      Elan lies sometimes out of a sense of self-preservation — an his sense of self has been under attack much of his life — but usually he just says nothing or redirects the conversation. And if he’s bratty, and I don’t see it, he is only 21.

      But, what I really can’t see is pretentious. He is never trying to impress people or seem to be something he’s not.

      It seems like Elan just rubs you the wrong way for some reason.

      • DayiaKnyte

        If you have read my comments over the course of this comic I am VERY specific about why Elan annoys me.

        Lying is rarely good.
        And he has now lied to two people that mean him no harm. There is no justifying that; the fact that our society in general attempts to make excuses for such behavior doesn’t make it right.
        As for being pretentious, the man has lived long enough in the area to know the type of people he is dealing with. He was asked a simple a question in simple terms, yet he continues to reply in a such a way that he can’t guarantee the person asking the question will understand his answer; without having to first consulting a dictionary and Google a scientific theory. That is either stupidity or arrogance – he’s gone through to much for me to believe he is that naive and stupid … so I conclude it is arrogance born of his want to keep some kind of wall between him and others.
        Still doesn’t make it right, and just because you can explain his bad behavior, doesn’t make it right. Good people do bad things, and if they don’t figure it out and stop, they need to simply be avoided.

        He has been nothing but evasive, closed mouthed, judgmental and a habitual liar. Sure, he’s spent some money on people; he is indirectly being nice, while being blatantly dishonest and judgmental to people faces. Yet he wonders why people like Rafa reacted the way he did. What will people think when they find out he is still being dishonest them or others?

        • kuku

          Most of this has been discussed before, so I’m going with “agree to disagree” like I said before, but about the vocabulary issue, I’m going to spell out my disagreement. I can see how it could look the way you put it. But alternatively, you could say Elan doesn’t prejudge “the type of people he is dealing with” – he doesn’t talk down to people here by assuming they won’t be able to follow him. He just talks the way he naturally talks. I don’t think you have to know anything about human gene decoding to follow his comment; he’s basically saying “It’s not rocket science,” and we know what that means without needing to know anything about rocket science other than “It’s hard and complicated.” It’s true that Elan sometimes uses vocabulary that I’ve never seen, but that hasn’t seemed to bother anyone there – they just take it as one of his quirks. And he has been successful in tutoring the school-kids by using advanced vocabulary in ways that they could figure out in context. And – as it turns out – with Scott, he is dealing with another word-lover.

        • JesBelle

          I have read your comments. Elan has been evasive and close-mouthed, obviously too much so, but I don’t think he is doing it out of spite or a sense of being better than others. He acts like someone who has been abused, actually. His first instinct is to hide anything that may cause others to disapprove of him. By the same token, I’d agree that he has lied once or twice. But only if you count sins of omission and half-truths, could he be considered a habitual liar. You seem to attribute Elan’s actions to snobbery and arrogance, whereas I see a young, sheltered, still-a-little-naive man who overcomes a great deal of fear every day to try and become a better and more well-adjusted, and more alive person.

          Elan and Rafa are both struggling with the negativity that they grew up with. They can both see the strength and goodness in each other so much more easily than they see it in themselves.

          Also, I think that you underestimate the difficulty of changing one’s speech patterns. It is far more condescending, not to mention awkward, to attempt to pick a different word or phrase for every audience. Besides, what’s wrong with having to Google something? I have to Google all of Rafa’s Spanish when there’s nobody around to translate it for me.

          I don’t see Elan being judgmental any more than I see him being pretentious. He is the very opposite of both of those things.

        • Red

          I think he is evasive for other reasons….

    • kuku

      Maybe we can agree to disagree? I see him very differently, but I don’t want to discount your feelings.

      • DayiaKnyte

        Trust me, I seem to be the only one that is getting more and more irritated with Elan.
        Doesn’t bother me that you have a different opinion.

  • ugh, the miscommunication is so messy.

  • D. Garrett

    i hope that scott chooses to just be a good friend by helping elan reunite with rafa instead of becoming his new lover. i think he understands that elan meant more to rafa than elan is aware of.

  • I AM R U

    I find the lack of communication between Rafa and Elan… Annoyingly familiar XD

    And actually, Scott, its considered bad luck to toast with water. So :P