Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 5

Chapter 23 - Page 5

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  • kuku

    Oh Rafa, poised to flee. Carlise is right!

  • Yes Rafa, listen to Carlise!!! Poor Rafa is soooo uncomfortable! ^_^

  • bronakopdin

    you sure are in a bad mood there, right Rafa? Really too bad… I still enjoy yours and Carlise’s looks :D
    just stay for a while ^^

  • Lleyn

    Tsk, Rafa, putting your foot against their (no doubt expensively painted) wall. Where are your manners, boy? This isn’t some neighborhood brick house you’re leaning against. And you tell him, Carlise! ;)

  • JesBelle

    Let’s see, scruffy, uncomfortable, slouchy, foot on the wall — Yeah, Rafa couldn’t look more like an artist if he started drinking absinthe and muttering about the bourgeoisie.

    • That actually did help him, you’ll see.

  • Red

    I can relate to the way you feel Rafa…