Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 3

Chapter 23 - Page 2

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  • Why would there be someone in my closet? Silly Scott! *shift eyes*

    Oooo Oooo what perfect restaurant???

    Elan looks so dapper on this page. ^_^

    • Elan looks so dapper on this page.

      When Gérard dresses him!

  • Lleyn

    Hahaha, I love how Scott is all “Is there someone in your closet, Elan? No? Ok, let’s go.” I suspect at this point, he might actually know that Elan is keeping up appearances while still having a lot of money at his disposal. He was, after all, the one who had lectures about Elan’s dad at university and recognized him when he came to get Elan in the hospital. Now, whether Scott also knows / suspects who has been the secret benefactor of himself and the community, remains to be seen.

    Oh, and is it wrong that I’m starting to get worried that Elan might consider having an affair with Scott (or even enter a relationship, since Scott is caring and obviously interested), simply because he so firmly believes that Rafa is with Jake and has never loved him?

    • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

      I somehow hate him for that. How come you can be so insecure your feelings weaken? D: Or, at least, to convince yourself they can weaken… or dissapear in time if you let them in a corner… -.-

    • DayiaKnyte

      You can worry about him getting into a relationship, but you can’t have an affair if both parties are single.

      • Lleyn

        Sure you can. An affair doesn’t always signify an extra-marital fling. It can also mean a short-lived romance. As deeply involved emotionally as Elan is with Rafa, if he hooked up with Scott now, then it would be nothing more than that, an affair. Unless Scott can convince him to let go of Rafa emotionally, then their affair would have a chance to turn into a relationship.

        • DayiaKnyte

          I stand corrected.
          This is one of the few things I do hate about the English language, words that express an idea who’s actions can be innocent or an act of betrayal.
          Still, so long as Elan doesn’t use Scott (or vise versa) it will be interesting how this goes.
          Elan lost more points with me simply because he was able to look at Scott and blatantly lie to him. Neither Rafa nor Scott deserve a person that can’t be honest with them; and that’s been a BIG MO for Elan, hiding things about his life, for whatever reason, while those around him open up.

  • JesBelle

    I just want to reach out and tickle that little bit of white shirt peeking out under that sweater. Scott kind of looks like he wants that too.

  • bronakopdin


    Did Scott believ that obvious lie?
    Or does he just have a sixth sense?

    either way I just thought this page is very cute :)

  • Red

    OMG OMG This is definitively a date!

  • I AM R U


    • D. Garrett

      omg ur hilarious!

  • D. Garrett

    gerard dont give a damn. *chuckles. and scott is cool to not make an issue of it. cant help but like him. *cries. ;_;

  • Loz Link

    white lilies a symbol of purity, renewal and hope. Great choice Elan!

  • DayiaKnyte

    Arg … WHY Elan?
    You spent most of your time being evasive with Rafa, and now you start out with Scott by looking him in the eye and blatantly lie to him.
    Now I am beginning to not like you as a person.

  • Dakejev

    …I wish I had someone in my closet handing me the very thing I was looking for. I can never find anything!

  • IronDog

    Scott is a good friend. And it seems Gérard wins the jacket battle this time!