Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 16

Chapter 23 - Page 16

Different Kind of Love – Brendan James

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  • Red

    Mice, you are gonna kill me….. *go cry in a corner* * with lily in hand* *or is it a rose?*…

  • Wow. Oh wow. This makes me sad.

    • Red

      Hi Doki! Wow I’ve never been the first commenter, ever…

  • Punkpoemprose

    Ahhh Elan go hunt down your Rose, dig up his roots and forcibly plant him back in your garden. He knows he belongs there, he’s just afraid of catching you on his thorns!
    Really though these babies are killing me. They’re perfect for each other. <3

    • Lleyn

      Flowers which are uprooted and replanted by force more often die than survive. Just like with Rafa’s and Elan’s relationship right now, carefulness and consideration is the way to go.

      • Punkpoemprose

        I don’t mean to be extremely literal here, but Roses are a very hearty flower to relocate. Many people don’t know this but if you get fresh cut roses you can actually get their roots to grow back, even though they were cut off entirely, and replant it. (I’m a gardener in my free time). Especially if you’re taking them out of the shadows, into the light and are supplying them with plenty of care to allow them to reroot.

    • Why can’t men talk to each other?!?!?!
      (Oh, wait, because we love this comic being full of angst and stuff… never mind.)

  • D. Garrett

    such a sad but beautiful sonnet…i luv it. does sonnet r = sonnet rafa? love your song pick.

    • Sonnet R is “Rafa” but he can’t seem to spell it out right now. :(

      • D. Garrett

        awwwww!!! i~i.

  • kuku

    Yeah, this is sad – but Elan sweetie, you could have, maybe, a new season of love with Rafa – with how you’ve both grown – new bloom on the same rose bush? – nothing ventured, nothing gained….

    Change of topic, but to my fellow Elan Meets Rafa fans, I encourage you to check out Patreon if you have a credit card and could spare a dollar a month (or more, of course) to help support this comic, because we know The Mice seldom asks for much for herself. It would be nice to build a critical mass of support for this excellent story and just to help her with the expenses of putting this out (art supplies, computer upkeep, hosting) and maybe placing some ads to find more readers. If you can’t spare any money, maybe spread the word another way about what a good story this is?

    • As soon as I have a job and monies. ^_^

      • kuku

        You do lots of other good stuff in the Mice Brigade!

      • Ditto. But I’m happy to give The Mice free PR advice or whatnot, given that I used to work in that business before I went back to university. And I’d be very very happy to host a banner to the comic on the blog I’ll be keeping in Scotland. It’d probably get some traffic because my university plans to use it as an example for other students considering international exchange and there might be some other movement if I upload chapters of my book and people show an interest in that. All you have to do is say the word Mice. :)

        • I’d love it. I haven’t made new banners in a long time. Do you have a specific size? My old fav is

          • No, no specific size Mice. Mind you if you have a little one (like those stamp sizes you see on DA?) I can place it in a lot more places. Or I could make one for you (when I can find the time before the sites go live), I used to do that a lot in my PR work. I’ll put them on my own writing site too and let you know when it’s up and running. :) <3

          • Tbh I’m curious to see what you come up with for a banner!

          • This a stamp, in 2 sizes, that I just knocked together in about 20 minutes in MS Paint.

          • Guest


          • OMG they are all so cute!!! :D :D :D :D

          • Happy to make some more, if you like, if I can squirrel away some time before the uni semester starts in March. :)

          • Second version

          • Red

            Cute cute cute!

          • Found time to play around in Paint again…

          • Aw, I’m putting them up in my banner page when I get a chance this week.

          • And another new stamp too.

    • Red

      I’m already there, I just wish I could donate more…

  • Lleyn

    Having a much loved garden myself, I can tell you this, Elan: Flowers are much, much more resilient than we give them credit for. The love you believe dead may at the moment not look like much, it may be struggling, it may not bloom. But if you continue to give it what it needs, it will persevere.

  • Lleyn

    The Mice, did you write that sonnet yourself? I’m in awe, pure admiration. This. is. so. beautiful!

  • bronakopdin

    so…. beautiful…. and sad…. I actually started crying here in front of my screen…
    (good thing my friend that visited yesterday had a small cold so the tissues still lie on my desk ^^)

    no really… it’s awesome!
    is that copyright by Elan? really awesome!

    • Copyright EMR. But like a lot of my drawings, it will get stolen and distributed in Russia and China where the DMCA can’t reach!

      • bronakopdin

        sure I meant that xD though it would be nice if fictional characters started to write poems themselves ^^
        sadly it’s true what you said :( but hey in the end it means it is loved as much to even do so! :D

  • PomixWing

    Elan, sweetie, no :(

    Go find your rose, he’s totally under the impression you don’t want him, and vice versa. Oh, Elan, you have no idea :( .

    OH, and don’t forget to bring some muscle with you, in case Jake shows up and needs to be punched in the face/gut. It’s all he amounts to these days, I’m afraid.

    • kuku

      Or annihilated with withering scorn. Check out the Flawed Squad on the home page, they look ready for some Jake-confrontation!

      • PomixWing

        Omg, I was thinking that too! And I approve >: D

  • this kills the man

  • JesBelle

    Elan, that is beautiful, but you have given up way too easily.

  • I AM R U

    I have finally caught up again!

    One of the reasons I’ve semi avoided this comic is the fact that it touches on a rather raw nerve – Mice, your ability to portray emotions is so amazing, I have teared up at several pages, and it sometimes makes this comic difficult to read for me.

    I’m afraid I closely identify with Rafa (he’s so much like my partner it actively hurts to see him in such pain) and this chapter in particular was pretty difficult to get through (go. away. Scott!) but its all so beautifully drawn and expressed that I know I’ll stay to the end (even if it does end with bitter sadness and despair!).

    Its really nice reading a comic that explores the dynamics of a relationship without exploiting the characters for cheap thrills and that delves into the complications and the impact of miscommunication in a very real and honest way. Being male and gay, so often the protagonists in male/male comics are depicted for female audience gratification, and the dynamics are often unhealthy/exploitative or the depictions are gratuitous and unrealistic. So, thank you, Mice, for giving me something so beautiful to read that is a whole story with thoughtful, realistically flawed characters.

    • Thank you IARU! I’m trying to do all these things.

  • Go get him, Elan.

    if you don’t, I’ll drown in my own tears.

  • SVM2015

    I’m reading this page again just after finishing my poetry class. Sonnets are still a bane to my writing existence even after a year of classes.
    Hang in there Elan. It’s rough but I know you’ll make it.