Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 15

Chapter 23 - Page 15

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  • Red

    OMG! It’s the only thing I could say……

  • ^_^ *fangirl squee* He is imaging that scruffy Rafa on his skin! ^_^ <3

    • kuku

      yup, that’s a wish, not a memory…

  • D. Garrett

    awwww! so warm. so loving. he misses his sweetheart. fix this the mice!!!

  • kuku

    You draw expressions so beautifully – he looks so profoundly sad.

    • Lleyn

      Indeed, and so at peace in the first panel.

  • bronakopdin


    in fact I know exactly what he’s missing and how he’s feeling… that sad face… I hardly bear to look at him like that >_<'

  • JesBelle

    Ugh. I hate that feeling. You’re having a good dream and you feel so happy, then you wake up. “Oh yeah, I forgot. My life basically sucks right now.”

    And this page is so beautiful, I could just stare at it all day.

  • Chris Roller

    brilliant use of colour. The warm hues in the top panel and the cold blue in the lower. genius

  • IronDog

    Fantastic use of contrast in this page.