Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 12

Chapter 23 - Page 12

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  • kuku

    Ah, I remember that picture! I thought those cuffs on Scott’s jacket looked familiar!

    Oh, Scott is a really nice guy, with his good advice for everyone’s emotional health, all ’round. Listen to him, Elan.

  • …Scott… *tears up* You are such a good friend….

    wait…is he pretty much saying he would be surprised if they don’t get back together???

    Is Scott going in for a kiss? Is he going to finish that sentence with:
    1) I will always love you
    2) I will always be there for you
    3) you can come to me anytime you to fight
    4) I wouldn’t mind a manage a trios
    5) Rafa doesn’t deserve you but he is one lucky s o b to have you

    • He will kiss him, but he will also say that he’s always there for him.

    • bronakopdin

      but in the end he’s just going for the glasses and then goes like “they were dirty and blocked my view into your beautiful eyes”


      • Red


    • PomixWing

      Omg, I laughed so hard at #4, you have no idea! XD

      Anyway, I’ll go go with #2

    • Red

      Your are hilarious! I think I go with the kiss and #1, in my perception it’s pretty obvious…

  • How dare you end it there. :(

    • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

      I usually enjoy the suspense in this webcomic but this scene really got on my nerveees -.-

  • bronakopdin


    Scott is really on a roll here but I can’t blame him, he wants to make his point clear :D
    and I think it’s soooo fair to push Elan to talk things out with Rafa before jumping into a possible relationship!
    Scott is such a good guy T__T
    Of course I still root for Elan and Rafa but I hope he’ll find his one and only, too!

  • ebeatle

    Ha! I actually cursed out loud when I clicked the next arrow and there was nothing there but the “to be continued” page. I think web-comics are are a boon to my ability to practice patience… though I’m never happy about it. See you next week!

  • Kiss to the forehead?

    PLEASE. If ends up a kiss, make it that. It’s such a gentle and sweet gesture. Slightly romantic, but loving. If it’s not a kiss, disregard this comment.

    In other news, Elan is doing so well ;_;

  • D. Garrett

    “i am always here for u. whether as a friend or more. ;kiss;” cant wait 4 next page!

  • PomixWing

    NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US! This clifhanger is CRUELTY!

  • Okay, why is Scott not happily hitched before now? OMG! He is a good friend to Elan. “Hey, I’m very interested in you but your happiness is more important. Talk to Rafa, make sure it’s really over. If it is I’ll be right here. If it isn’t know how happy I am for you.” He has yet to say this but if so, then Scott is a class act and deserves his own happiness.

  • Red

    OMG I hate cliffhangers so much!

  • Red
  • I AM R U

    Move away, Scott *side eye*