Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 11

Chapter 23 - Page 11

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  • Sly

    The first speech bubble should read “mind your own business”

  • kuku

    Uh-oh, Carlise is pulling out the big guns here!

  • You know Carlise is done taking your crap when she pulls out the M card. Rafa, you are scre*ed. Just give in and do as Carlise says.

    • Red

      Hi Doki, I’m back!

      • Welcome back Red! Doing alright?

        • Red

          Oh now I am. Had some rough Christmas but its over thanks God. I hope for a better year. :)

  • bronakopdin

    Wow now we’re talking business, but I lke how Carlise wants to push Rafa in the right direction :)
    let’s hope he doesn’t get it in the wrong way ^^’

  • WiseDragonQueen .

    I love Rafa’s big eyes ‘*gasp* not my mother!’ XD

    • kuku

      I hope we get to meet Rafa’s mom! (Though I do want him to take Carlise’s advice.)

  • Best way to get a man to listen, threaten him with the intention of calling his mother.

  • D. Garrett

    cant wait to hear the counseling sessions. i love psych! i know he wont defy carlise here! will the psychiatrist or therapist help him understand what his next steps should be with elan? *so excited

  • PomixWing

    Do my eyes deceive me??? DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

  • I love Carlise! Did I say I love Carlise? I do, I really do! In one evening, she is already cornering Rafa. I swear she has a superpower. I love this comic!!!

  • Red

    Way to go Carlise! What’s better than a friend that knows what you need when you really don’t know it yet? Hi Mice, I’m back. Your story is having a surprise turning I think. Hey I uploaded my last TH fanarts, I know you’ll like them. (Red277 at dA)

  • I AM R U


    “Young man, I’m going to call your mama!!!” Classic.

  • nhall19 .

    YES Carlise is about to get on that next level lol

  • IronDog

    Muahahaha! Carlise is my type of person.