Chapter 23 – Scott & Hudson: Page 1

Chapter 23 - Page 1

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  • OMG. This is too cute! He brought flowers!

    Awwww and Gerard is taking care of Elan… ^_^ That makes me happy. ^_^

  • D. Garrett

    uh oh! rafa u better hurry up and get ur baby! scott is makin his move…and im so glad gerard is supporting him.

  • kuku

    That jacket was cute, Gerard! But the bird poop – yeah, not cute.

    Hiding things is not a good start, Elan… (Though Scott hiding a bouquet is cute.) I can see how a butler in a hotel is hard to explain, but people already know who your rich dad is… And where is he going to hide?

    • kuku

      Just noticing the chapter title and wondering who Hudson is….

      • D. Garrett

        i noticed that too and said the same thing.

      • He’s is a new character modeled a bit after a new coworker. :)

        • kuku

          The plot thickens! I was imagining Scott with a big friendly dog.

  • For shame, Elan! Forcing poor Gerard to hide in the bathroom along with that ghastly jacket! Sorry, I can’t help but giggle when I write that. The image is adorable and for the record I like the jacket. I think of how Gerard might view it. Anyway, I had no idea that Scott was into guys until this page. On thinking it over I should have known since Rafa poked Elan in Scott’s direction though, I suspect for different reasons. The flowers are a sweet touch and I can only imagine how this might be a delightful turn in the story. Can you imagine swaggering romeo Rafa forced into a position to think about dating and flowers? Given how he grows bashful and tongue-tied around Elan that is going to be comedy gold should it happen.

    Seriously though, I continue to root for Elan and Rafa but I like how Mouse is writing how life goes on. Very nice touch and interestingly, I’m not at all put off by the introduction of Scott as a romantic rival for Elan’s attention. The glove is thrown, Rafa! Better get on your game! Excellent and inspiring work, Mouse. Thank you for bringing this story where I can enjoy it.

  • Oriana

    I’m so sorry that you have tendonitis! I’ve had that- it sucks more than Elan and Rafa’s perpetual estrangement. (Although I’m really excited about this Scott development and think that it could be very good for both Elan and Rafa, although for different reasons).

    I hope that you’re feeling better soon. :)

    (also Rafa? Give Elan the notebook! Everything will be okay!)

  • I AM R U

    Siiigh – and the inevitable Scott’s interest in Elan >:c

  • Wow.. he brought flowers. :) How sweet, it’s a date.

  • Ninhursag

    Somehow I find it funny Elan has to hide his butler.