Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 9

Chapter 22 - Page 9

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  • kuku

    Elan sweetheart, you look so sad. And it sounds like you’re sad because you think Jerk is wasting and ruining Rafa’s life BUT HE’S NOT. Rafa LOVES YOU and hasn’t got the time of day for Jerk. But oh honey, you look sad. Good for you for not letting Jerk see it.

    • Elan needs to get to a point where he offers Rafa an alternative. At the moment he doesn’t seem to be in the right head space to fight for what he wants. It is one thing to help others anonymously. It is quite another to believe oneself is equally worthy of that kind of love.

  • Happy Pancakes

    Tabula Rasa MY ASS Jake. God it’s so sad that people as obnoxious, crude and straight up undeserving as Jake get second chances. Because we know they’re going to ruin them.

    And then if he ever finds out about how his debt really went away, he’d be all Butt-hurt about it instead of grateful that someone tried to help him without wanting anything back. Like, If Jake were suddenly harpooned in the middle of the street by a nuclear missile and died, I’d throw the biggest goddamn party right now.

    • I’ll bring the Jake-head shaped pinata! I’ll bring a flimsy bat, too so we have to hit Jake’s head a lot more.

      • Jonni

        November is fast approaching, we could put Jake’s face on the Guy.

      • I want to be second or third in line!

    • kuku

      Yeah, who’s the free-loader here?

  • No matter how much we learn and grow we can never change how we feel. Watching Jake waste his life is as painful as enduring his scorn. Sure, Elan can shrug it off but it weighs on the soul. Especially since he thinks Jake is with Rafa. I want to hug Elan and offer him a cookie. I have a feeling that might give him a smile, if only a little one. Come to think of it I don’t know if Elan likes cookies. If he does, what kind? Hmmm…

    • D. Garrett

      i think he likes snickerdoodles! even the name makes u happy.

      • I had to look up snickerdoodles to confirm that you weren’t pulling my leg but yes, they are in fact real. From the recipe they sound yummy, too! I imagine Elan might indeed enjoy snickerdoodles. Thank you again for broadening my horizons.

        • D. Garrett

          your welcome. :)

      • JesBelle

        Whoopie pies are another cookie with a happy name, but Elan does seem more of a snickerdoodle type.

        • I am also a fan of the snickerdoodle.

          Oh and… *hugs JesBelle to pieces*

      • Jonni

        I don’t know what a snickerdoodle is, but I’ve got to try one just for the name!

  • JesBelle

    One thing Jake is doing very well is providing a foil for Rafa’s development. They are both dealing with a lot of hurt. Rafa is becoming a better person though that pain, but Jake is just letting it justify becoming more of a jerk.

  • kuku

    Yeah, I wondered about that a bit. Who would say that to him, though – only person that cruel I can think of is his dad – but it would account for how very downcast he looks.

  • kuku

    Yeah, I’m sure Jake has had plenty of messages that he’s worthless, and he just turns them around and aims them elsewhere.

    What I wonder about is that no one in this neighborhood seems to have a problem with gay or lesbian relationships – the only homophobic stuff we’ve heard came from the other driver back after Rafa first hit Elan with his car, and from Elan’s dad.

    • Jonni

      There seem to be a fair few hard-ass homosexuals running around this neighbourhood. Maybe people have figured out that bigotry gets your teeth knocked out. Also, sometimes rough areas can cultivate an appreciation for good people for the sake of them being good people. However many people decide selfishness is a good survival strategy, there are always people who see through it and choose goodwill and compassion instead.

      • My world is skewed by living in the oasis that is the San Francisco Bay Area. Much like Donald mentions below (and I have lived in Atlanta too), these pockets are very tolerant of alternative lifestyles. The problem I see, as depicted on EMR, is the older folks (gross generalization but stats back me up) as you can see in Elan’s father ‘s lividness with the idea.

        This fictional town is based on those experiences in the bay area with the added reputation of some tough gay guys that won’t take shit (as I’ve seen with some tough lesbian bars in New Orleans a while back who people were scared to cross).

        • kuku

          yeah, definitely a lot has changed generationally all to the good.

  • I did not comment on the dung beetle visual but it was priceless. As for the word balloon I believe it is Jake offering a parting shot as Elan walks away. It strikes me as something Jake might say.

    • kuku

      Jake is mean enough, but it doesn’t strike me as his phrasing or thinking.

      • You might very well be right. Unless Mouse wants to clarify I suppose we’ll have to leave it as personal interpretation. If Elan is thinking that line it might explain his terribly sad face. It also tells me that for all his progress he is still dragging a lot of insecurity around from his time with Rafa.

        • kuku

          Unless he’s sad because he’s wishing Jake would ruin the life of someone other than Rafa. But yeah, I think they both have too much insecurity about each other still.

  • kuku

    glad to hear it.

  • bronakopdin

    wow Elan! I had no idea you can swear like that! I love it! Speak your mind :D

    though your face is misearble… :(
    Let’s hope you can smile again soon >_<'

  • I am back to wanting to punch/slap Jake as soon as he opens his mouth. It was nice while it lasted.

    I find Elan’s wording interesting. He didn’t say ‘I pray‘ but ‘I would pray‘. So does he mean he would pray but Jake isn’t worth the effort or that he would pray if he believed his prayers would be answered? I am also thinking about using that for people that sufficiently annoy me…”I hope you get reincarnated as an incontinent dung beetle in hell!” ^_^

    That last image of Elan is heartbreaking. :-( …and I am slowly becoming in favor of cutting out Jake’s tongue… >o)

  • Ninhursag

    Second panel: wow, strong words Elan, strong words, but strangely imaginative insults as well. But that’s to be expected from Elan, he’s an imaginative man ^^

  • IronDog

    Ooph. Smarting a little, it seems.