Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 7

Chapter 22 - Page 7

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  • Jake, do you have your head up your anterior docking port for the warmth or do you like the view? I so enjoy the “bored now” expression on Elan’s face. Jake’s taunt is tiresome and predictable. Can he be at least an entertaining jerk? Come on, I know it’s hard but but you can do it! Maybe not.

    • Jonni

      My general experience with professional jerks is that they have about 3 decent lines – 4 if they are one of the smarter ones. Their over-sized egos seem to justify this as an impressive stretch of imagination. Not surprising, really. If they actually had the guts to challenge themselves, they might turn out to be decent people.

      • I’m the sort to wonder if there is something I can say; a word or turn of phrase that can help one of these poor sods turn from self-destruction. I give them time and effort until I observe that they knowingly choose such behavior. After this I know there is nothing I can do and move on.

        Elan seems to be in a similar state with Jake. Is it pointless to interact with him? Confirm, never assume. Engage him until Jake makes things clear. Once it is certain that giving Jake the time of day is pointless Elan can move on with a clear conscience. Even then, love of a fellow human being means checking in on Jake now and again. “Have you grown up yet? No? Oh, well, maybe later.”

        • Jonni

          Awesome attitude.

  • JesBelle

    Why do birds suddenly appear…?

    • Because it is Elan and animals are drawn to him. ^_^

      • JesBelle

        See, and I thought they just wanted to be close to him — like the Carpenter(s).

        • On the day that you were born

          And the angels got together

          And decided to create a dream come true!

    • DC

      I sang that :)

      • JesBelle

        It’s one of my most persistent earworms.

  • Huh, so Jake used “Elan” when talking to Rafa, but “Alan” when talking to Elan… *sigh*

    Wonder why Jake wants to talk to Elan, unless it is just to see how uncomfortable he can make him.

    Elan looks so utterly adorable with that hat. ^_^

    And is that Miss Mouse? And does she need to watch out for that bird?

    • Jonni

      Jake wants to grind as much pain and humiliation into Elan as he can to maximise the rift between Rafa. Jake is still jealous and thinks Rafa should “belong” to him. Elan might not like what he thinks Rafa’s choice is, but he chooses to respect it. Or that’s my guess, at least.

      • JesBelle

        I gotta wonder how Elan can believe that Rafa would want to be with a Neanderthal like Jake. Sure, he can respect Rafa’s right to choose, but it would be really hard to respect that choice.

        • Jonni

          Growing up with Mr Singer did nothing for Elan’s self esteem; I’m guessing he still believes himself a fool for ever thinking Rafa could love him. He sees worth everywhere bit in himself – he’s learning to be kinder to himself than he was, but there’s still a way to go. The sad irony about Elan and Rafa is that neither one believes they are good enough for each other. I look forward to the day they both find out how wrong they are. I desperately hope that it’s a happy day when it comes.

    • Red

      He’s obviously jealous and tries to make him unconfortable. That should give a hint to Elan.

  • bronakopdin

    oh my that cap ^^

    • JesBelle

      Oh, best part of a cold climate — cute boys in knit caps.

  • D. Garrett

    dat moment when you run into the person u want to avoid most. ugh!

    • Red

      Karma maybe? IDK

      • D. Garrett

        i dont think elan has bad karma coming. i think he is pretty much a good person. i think it was more bad luck / bad timing. i have one more vid for us hand porn lovers. i *blush* actually became aroused watching this one and it was indiscriminate of the sex of the spinner! anyway this video names the spinners so its cooler than the first in that we can specify (if we want to) the spinner we like best. i plan on watching it repeatedly because its really hard to pick. i will post later who my fav is.

  • I AM R U

    Go away Jack! See, I can get your name wrong too :c People, this is a textbook example of how NOT to act when someone breaks up with you.

  • IronDog

    Good man. I really like his hair here. So delicate.