Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 6

Chapter 22 - Page 6

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  • LOL, that statement by the kid on the last page is even more funny now. ^_^ And as good a guy as Rafa is, I think it funny that he responds “even more reason not to talk to you.” Sorry, but I like snarky kids. ^_^ But valid point about Rafa’s brother. ^_^

    You know….I am not sure that the kid is happy that his mother likes Elan, that or he is unhappy that she made something special for him.

    Well Rafa, you know have conformation that Elan is really back in the area. What are you going to do?

    • Red

      Hehehe, You are right, He looks kinda jealous! But kids get jealous at those age easily…Btw, E has got a new job, I’m so happy for her I don’t care I have to wait for the comic, getting a job, then an art related job at these times is not easy.

      • Not just art related, but in animation. I am really glad that I have seen more supportive posts than I have mean ones. Some of the people that comment there seem to not like the fact that Em doesn’t eat, sleep, and breathe Teahouse, that she actually has and needs a life outside the comic.

        • Red

          Yes you’re right. I think probably those are the ones who doesn’t understand how hard really is to do this. I’m doing a collab doujinshi with a friend, She is writing a story and I’m doing the art, and I’m no professional at all but I really understand; doing only one page take so much and with the detailed TH is, I can’t start to imagine.

          • Jonni

            Art doesn’t turn up on a page by itself: it takes courage and fortitude to turn any creative work from an idea in your head to a finished work. It takes countless hours to create these stories little by little and I can only be grateful that so many of the authors of these wonderful stories offer them to the world without charge in the hope that others will love their stories as much as they do. How selfish and unappreciative does someone have to be to complain because an artist needs to slow down the output of work they are sharing FOR FREE in order to earn a better living for themselves? Teahouse is one of the comics I love and if Em needs to slow it down for the sake of her career, my sadness at having to wait longer for new pages is far outweighed by my happiness for her in landing such a good job.

          • Red

            Can I upvote more than once? Ah they don’t let me. You just explained in detail what I meant to say. I’m not that good with words as I am with images,,,, and I’m a little lazy to write too but you just wrote what my heart felt. When I red E’s comment on the new job I really didn’t even finished to read it, I was so overjoyed with the good news that I took me to read it a few more times to realized dates and so. It really didn’t matter to me anything else.

    • Knowing kids it is more like, “Great, now there is one more person mom thinks I should be more like!” It is less jealousy than resentment. Good role models put kids on notice to behave. What snarky kid likes that? Elan is lovable and all but he has no consideration what his good example does to the brats in the neighborhood.

      • Hmmm or he doesn’t mind Elan. but he finds it annoying that his mother likes him enough to cook something special for him….not having much to base this on, but I am getting the impression that his mother might be single and she might have set her sights on Elan.

        • The way to a man’s heart and all? I see your point. Poor Elan, he has no idea just how much he is husband material. So is Rafa, now but he has to overcome his past as a lothario before the neighborhood sees it.

        • kuku

          Or maybe he still doesn’t like Rafa much, and it’s “see, Elan and me are close, and my mom likes Elan, she doesn’t care about your stinky brother, so there.”

  • Larkle

    For some reason, I find Rafa’s nose in the last panel to be really pretty.

    • Mouse has a gift for illustrating very attractive body features. I greatly appreciate how she manages to show distinct identity through these features. I’d know Elan’s eyes even if she showed nothing more of his face. Same goes for his lips. Rafa’s hair, his strong jaw, and his nose seem to be his defining characteristics. This gift at instilling identity into very subtle facial features is very rare. I illustrate my characters and never touch this level of skill, talent, and creativity.

  • Red

    I love Rafa holding the chain there, *squeals* !!! And that little guy up there looks like a mini-Rafa with his hair and all, and I found him cute too!

  • JesBelle

    Mmmm, ceviche. I haven’t had that since the restaurant down the block closed.

  • kuku

    Love this whole conversation with the kids.

  • D. Garrett

    sooooo rafa, he’s back in the big bad neighborhood anyway. looks like a fresh opportunity to try talking to him again.

    • The question remains, will Rafa drag his baggage with him to that conversation with Elan or will he drop it, offer his hand, and introduce himself anew?

      • D. Garrett

        aaahhh! daz da question!

  • Remember Rafa, let go of the past to have a future. Elan is a grown man and he chooses to spend time in your “bad neighborhood.” I know your instinct is to protect him but you said yourself, Elan is one tough mother. You hit him with your car and he walked away. He got shot and bounced back. He is strong. He can handle life with you. Let. Him. In.

    • Red

      Yeees and be happy with what he wants…. YOU RAFA!

    • JesBelle

      The question is — How much of this is Rafa protecting Elan, and how much is Rafa protecting himself? I can’t imagine that he would ever want to live through something as awful as seeing his lover bleeding on a sidewalk again. That has to be preying on him. Part of accepting Elan in his life is accepting the risk of losing him. That’s true of any relationship, but Rafa has had that driven home in the worst possible way.

      • I think you figured out what Rafa hasn’t yet.

        • The benefit of being a reader. It is much, much more difficult living in the moment with their thoughts and feelings. Reading this story inspires me to apply the clarity of distance to my life. I take time now to sit back and look at my life as if a story like EMR. What a mess! I seriously need editing.

      • A very valid point. Rafa and Elan have suffered trauma from their experience. Each faces it in a different way. They’ve been changed forever as has their relationship. They need to start new, set the past behind them and focus on who they are now versus who they thought they were before.

      • I AM R U

        It’s pretty easy to think the best thing for others is to push them away, especially if you love them and don’t want to see them get hurt – Rafa could (possibly?) be used to seeing everything around him go bad, corrupted by drugs and poverty, and simply expects that those who stay, or can’t get out, of his side of town eventually just have their lives turn sour, or if they’re really “good” (like Elan is in his mind), they’ll just get hurt and/or destroyed… I think Donald has a really good point, pushing Elan away was Rafa’s way of trying to protect him, but needs to realise on who he is now and who Elan is now.

        While Elan’s changes are far more noticeable throughout the comic so far, Rafa has changed too – in the sense of no longer seeing himself as a “thug”, or unworthy of respect because of where he lives, that he isn’t stupid and useless because he’s poor… Anyway, just my late night, sleep deprived ramblings…

  • bronakopdin

    holy so finally he knows!!!

    now let’s hope they will meet up soon!!!

    oh how he holds his neclace <3

    • Rapha’s love for Elan has deepened. He has grown as a man and as a human being as a result of it. This Rafa isn’t the same swaggering youth that hit Elan with his car. Only he doesn’t see it nor does he consider how Elan might not see the change in him. He also fails to consider how Elan might have changed from his experience. Rafa is currently stuck living in the past. If he doesn’t let go of the past he will never see his opportunity love Elan in the moment. How many of us in real life have lost opportunities like this? It is one reason why this story holds such suspense for me. There is no guarantee of a happy ending for Elan and Rafa. If there is one lesson I take from reading this story it is “pay attention.” Live in the moment. Take life as it is and not how we want it to be.

      • I AM R U

        I agree with you – I also think there is no guarantee that there will be a happy ending to this… But I do think its fairly ambiguous as to whether Rafa is stuck in the past or not… At the beginning of the comic, I think his reaction to the gallery invitation (to show his work) would have been to laugh and tell her to get lost – but now he’s certainly more mature, and more self-assured. He may very well have considered that Elan has changed, especially if he’s been able to recognise some of the changes in himself, although I think its currently fairly unclear whether he has or hasn’t…

  • I AM R U

    And Rafa has to decide what to do…

    I’m still in two minds about how this ends, but its really great seeing Elan getting along so well :3 Rafa as well, actually, although its clear he hasn’t moved on even an inch (whereas perhaps Elan is trying to, under the mistaken belief that Rafa doesn’t want him anymore…)

    [And just in case anyone missed me, I’m not dead! Law school is just kicking me all over the place :( ]

  • I AM R U