Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 4

Chapter 22 - Page 4

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  • Carlise has a new hair style….I like it!!!

    Carlos is trying to figure out what’s going on and everyone is like “It’s cool, it’s legit….not going to tell you how, but the Diner is all yours buddy!”

    Wonder what Rafa wants to talk to Carlise about? O.o I hope it has something to do with Elan. ^_^

    • Lleyn

      Could be that he wants Carlise to go with him to that posh gallery in town that wants his works. I remember that picture with him, reasonably styled up, and Carlise, all styled up, hanging onto his arm. Carlise might be the very person he wants with him on that occasion, as she might know a bit more about all this artsy stuff ;)

      • kuku

        Hmm, that’s a thought…

    • Red

      It should be, it should be, I hope it is…

  • kuku

    “Wasn’t Guido disbarred?” You made me laugh.

    Rafa let his hair down! And he’s looking happier! See, you did really want Elan to come back after all… Now let him see that necklace you’re wearing…

  • JesBelle

    Sounds like Guido got a nice bonus for his “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” act. Good thing Carlos employs a lawyer with a certain ethical flexibility.

  • Well he covered his bases. Carlos that is. He’s making so there are no takes back when he’s settled into the idea of the place being his. :)

    I think you drew Carlise’s face really well today. :)

  • AinsleyMcKellen

    So, I found this comic at… I think 10 pm? It’s currently 2:45 am. I have school in a few hours.

    I’m so sad that I read this in just a couple of hours.

    • It definitely has a story that gets you hooked. ^_^

      • AinsleyMcKellen

        Yeah it does. Really addictive :P. And of course, I had to discover it on the day it’s updated so I need to wait a week now, lol.