Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 3

Chapter 22 - Page 3

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  • …..If I didn’t want Rafa and Elan to hook back up….

    This page makes me happy….and I am not entirely sure why…

    Elan is all smiley and cute, and Scott is all smiley and cute…

    And they have a date? O.o ^_^

    And Scott likes Elan’s piano playing. ^_^

    • kuku

      Yeah, and it is good for Elan’s confidence that someone wants to take him (him alone, not him and the soccer team) out.

    • JesBelle

      They are very compatible.

    • Red

      I want him back with Rafa but the truth is Elan looks confortable around Scott and with the hug and all; I think that Scott really likes more than the piano playing, and I think he likes Elan since before. (Did I said this last sentence right? Dunno, Engish is not my main hehehe)

      • I think you said things just fine. ^_^ What is your main language?

        • Red

          Its just that I was doubting if “since before” was well written. My main is Spanish but I speak English since middle school. (And I’m not a teenager anymore) Hehehehe!

      • JesBelle

        I think Scott is good for Elan, but not necessarily as a romantic partner. Elan is a sheltered, only child. Carlise and Scott are really just about the only friends he has that are peers. He needs that too.

        • Red

          Yes, that’s true too.

  • kuku

    I do like Scott, but oh I hope this doesn’t turn into Rafa getting jealous heartache, even mistakenly.

    Elan, good luck with looking surprised when you hear about a bunch of scholarships….

    • …..well turn about is only fair…Elan still thinks Rafa and Jake are a thing…Heck, he even thought Rafa would choose Jake over him while they were together…and Rafa didn’t really do anything to make him think otherwise.

      • kuku

        I’m not saying Elan doesn’t have the right to go out with Scott. But I don’t feel that Rafa has it coming to him because he didn’t act committed before. Rafa now is not Rafa then, the guy has been devastated by losing Elan, and he might even feel like he deserves to lose him, but I don’t. He has a huge emotional commitment to Elan now – which indeed is a much heavier weight to bring into a relationship than the sunny easy-going hey-you’re-cute-and-I-like-you.

        • What I could see happening is Rafa seeing them together looking all good and friendly and then jumping to conclusions. ….He did say that Scott would make a good choice for Elan once upon a time.

          After a time Carlise gets tired of them dancing around each other and Gibbs smacks both of them until they stop being idiots and make up. ^_^

          • kuku

            I forgot about that time Rafa said he stayed away to give Elan time with Scott and Elan said huh? Um, who is Gibbs, what am I forgetting here?

          • kuku

            oh – I haven’t had a TV for a long time! I remember that actor when he was in a show with Marlee Matlin.

          • It is a good crime investigation show,. Gibbs and Abby are my faves. ^_^

          • Red

            Abby is my and my daughter’s favorite, heheheh we want to be like her!

          • Red

            Doki I just love that video!!! Specially the last scene in the elevator!!

          • Red

            Hahaha Gibbs, I love that!!!

        • Red

          “You don’t know what you’ve got, ’till it’s gone” that’s the saying…I mean, ’till he’s gone…

  • Oriana

    Even though I have literally lost sleep over these two, it could be important that Elan and Rafa each learn to value themselves independently, before they’re in a relationship again. It looks like Elan is well on his way, but I’m worried about Rafa…

    A beautiful strip and continuation of the story, as ever. :)

  • Lleyn

    Hrrmph, I really wanted Scott to set Elan’s head right about a few things regarding Rafa, but I guess there’s still a chance for that while they are having dinner. At least I hope it is so and not just Scott telling Elan a bunch of stuff he already knows, because he’s the instigator of all of it. Btw, how did Elan hear about Javier’s injury? Don’t tell me he noticed what Rafa almost told him and then didn’t, though he probably just followed up on all of the people he once knew in the neighborhood.

    So, Elan, the way you’ve been popping up “in town”, you’re bound to run into Rafa sooner or later. Then what? As you can’t even bear to look at him through a car window and your last telephone call ended with you hanging up on him, you better be prepared for a full-on confrontation.

  • D. Garrett

    just what ive been fearing!