Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 18

Chapter 22 - Page 18

The XX – Sunset

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  • oh my god! Mice, Elan looks so
    young and innocent. His eyes are so vibrant.

  • D. Garrett

    elan is so little. but has strong character. love the lyrics to ur song pick. really fits their situation right now. oh and elan is adorable here. nice work on wallpaper. looks tedious! and precise.

    • kuku

      I wonder where he’s staying?

      • D. Garrett

        i wonder too.

  • kuku

    I’m glad at least that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is there.

  • Lleyn

    Elan looks lovely, but I’m getting a crick in my neck just from looking at the way he’s lying on that sofa.

  • bronakopdin

    compared to Rafa he looks quite good… actually I have so much sympathy for Rafa… butI guess Elan is the type to grieve very silent without anyone noticibg :(

  • I must concur with Lleyn that the position of Elan’s head makes my neck hurt. Perhaps the addition of a big, soft pillow might ease the pressure? Nah, Elan’s at that age where he can comfortably sit or lay in any position. I date myself with my envy. Anyway, some have commented that Elan looks good here, like he isn’t suffering as badly as Rafa. I offer a bit of personal insight as to why that might be.

    I suspect Elan has learned to keep a poker face because of his father’s abuse. It is a kind of emotional detachment one develops in order to survive. He isn’t as aware of his feelings as others and when he has feelings he is confused as to what they mean. Feelings are dangerous, distracting, and so the impulse is to bury them. The problem with this impulse is that buried feelings still exist and must eventually come out; sometimes in an inappropriate manner and at a humiliating time.

  • Just a comment on Elan’s posture. I am quite familiar with it. That is one of the “reading a book in place where you can stretch out horizontally” poses. It might not look quite comfortable, but it isn’t as bad as all that. ^_^ He clearly put down his book and took off his glasses to think of something, assuming his glasses weren’t already off.

  • Red

    He tries to read…. but he is just wondering what is Rafa doing right now, how is he….?
    Sorry for bringing this here but as a sasunaru freak he remembers me when in soooo many occasions Naruto wonders… “how’s Sasuke?… is he Ok?…” Even once while watching a shooting star…. so obvious. :D

  • I AM R U

    How will the birdy and the kitty get along? (…I ask the REAL questions…)