Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 17

Chapter 22 - Page 17

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  • aww, I don’t know what I love more.

  • D. Garrett

    omg. just too cute! mura by his leg and kitten in his arms. *melts and yes rafa. elan is special so thats why he has that effect on u.

    • kuku

      Oh, I’d missed Mujercita in his arms!

      • D. Garrett

        its terrible im too lazy to remember or type kittens name. *shakes head at mah self…and sighs. and its such a cute name 2.

      • Lisa Parsons

        To quote the friend of a former online friend of mine: “It looks like you’re cuddling a shadow, and then, BAM! Eyes!”

        : )

  • Lleyn

    The Mice, I have to congratulate you on nailing that expression that most people have on their faces when sleeping deeply. With a lot of pictures of sleeping people, it looks like they are just lying there with closed eyes, but you managed to really give a feeling of Rafa being deep in dreamland, lost to the world (and I’m sure he’s dreaming of Elan ;)

  • This is such lovely image of Rafa sleeping. ^_^

  • bronakopdin

    gosh, this is so sad…
    I wish I could hug him :(
    Thank god Murakami tries to console him!

    and the pic itself is so beautiful!

  • Lovely image, Mouse. The pencil is so soft. The bed looks inviting. My eye is drawn to the shading of Rafa’s chest and abdomen. This is drawn particularly well in my opinion. As is the shading on the bottom of his topmost arm. It takes experience to know when to hold back on the pencil and here the play of light looks like soft skin. I appreciate your skill in this regard.

    My favorite part of the drawing is how Murakami tucks his head against Rafa’s thigh. This is a gesture only someone intimately familiar with cats can capture accurately. A loving touch here. It gives the drawing a warm, pleasant feeling. Then there is Mujerita; how many cats willingly let humans hold them like that? Wow, that’s kitten love; I approve.

    I look at the journal and I pause; isn’t Rafa writing in Elan’s journal? Wouldn’t Elan want it back when he came to pick up Murakami? Hmmm… is this foreshadowing a light at the end of the tunnel?

    • JesBelle

      Yeah, I’m appreciating the shadowing on Rafa’s chest and abdomen too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      • JesBelle

        Gah, I meant shading. I should know better than to try and convey a complete thought on an iPod. SMH. No desk = no desktop, but I’m back now and at a much better typing posture as well.

        • And I got the hd today, so I should be getting back on my computer soon. ^_^

          • JesBelle


          • Yay for Doki…!!! *muppet arms*

          • ….I love you…. (… how did you know I have been having a The Muppet Show marathon?)

          • Maybe because I’m psychotic -er- “psychic!” Yeah, that was what I meant. Seriously, I’m always like this. Scary, I know.

        • Lisa Parsons

          To be fair, you’re looking at Rafa’s super hot body, and it’s hard to keep your thoughts coherent in the face of that… *grin*

    • kuku

      Yeah, and the way Murakami’s leg sticks up – that is a trusting and relaxed kitty.

      Ah yeah, the journal – is Rafa going to be able to let go of it and let his feelings be and vulnerability be seen? Or is it going to feel easier to be able to show his feelings in writing without having to speak them?

      • Lisa Parsons

        Mura is not going to be happy when Elan tries to bring him to a new home. Let’s just say, he will have WORDS with Elan.

        • kuku

          Yes, and Siamese are wordy kitties!

          • Lisa Parsons

            Yep, Elan is in for it for sure. Siamese cats will let you KNOW when they’re not happy, and Mura is not going to be pleased at all.

  • Lleyn

    Cats cuddle against the weirdest places. You’d think Rafa’s knee would be too knobbly to snuggle up to compared with the soft bed, or that Mura would choose to lie on the entirety of Rafa’s thigh, but nooooo, he’s lying half on it, half off it. A cat I once knew liked to lie in my filing tray at work, head and legs and all sticking out of it at weird angles, but I could never persuade her not to squash those terribly important documents in it. RIP, Coco, you little distraction from work, you’re fondly remembered.

    • Lisa Parsons

      One positive thing about Elan’s absence is that Murakami and Rafa have time to bond.

  • Red

    Oh Mice, such a sad page yet so cute at the same time, and sexy too!!!

  • I AM R U

    …And I love Rafa even more…

  • Ninhursag

    Elan is the exception <3