Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 16

Chapter 22 - Page 16

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  • Rika-Chan

    *cries a river* raffaa your too amazing… Why can’t you be real? *sits in a hole*

    P.s. LOVE THE STORY :)

  • kuku

    Yay, Mujercita! Yeah, I had to look it up too – I thought I had a good vocabulary but The Mice and Elan are stretching it!

    Hang in there Rafa, you will get a chance to keep gazing love at him and he should be able to read it in your face at some point!

    • Lisa Parsons

      Mujercita is being very rude by reading over Rafa’s shoulder like that. : )

      or, more likely, saying “Um, Rafa? Why are you paying attention to that stupid object you’re holding. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!”

  • SofiaT

    Um, can I correct you there?
    Synanthropes = syn + anthropos(human).

    Other than that, great page :)

    (P.S: the word “synanthropos” in its original Greek, means “fellow human”. I didn’t know it had a different meaning in English. Interesting.)

    • I guess that is what I get copying it straight from wikipedia – ,

      • SofiaT

        I think whoever wrote that entry in wikipedia confused “anthropos” (human) and “andras” (which means “man” in modern Greek, ancient Greek: aner, genitive: andros), creating a portmanteau. :)

        • I can’t believe Wikipedia is wrong about something! /s

          • SofiaT

            Haha, I know, right? :P

  • Red

    OH MY! So much angst… yet so much anticipation at the same time….

  • PomixWing

    Omg, Rafa, You’re breaking my heart! TT A TT

  • Lleyn

    Well, good, not being angry anymore at the one you love is a good sign. Now, just take that extra step and TALK TO HIM, Rafa!

  • Lisa Parsons

    I’m sorry, did someone say something? I was mesmerized by DAT ASS.

    …should I feel guilty that he’s angsty and heartbroken and all I can do is drool over his UNBELIEVABLE body? *hides*

    • Dakejev

      You can drool over his body (for some reason not doing much to me, though well-drawn), I’ll drool over his intellectual growth: he actually looks up words now (and reads just for his own sake). There’s no better way of making your mind grow than learning about the world around you, and how others view the world. His reading started from Elan’s journal and I’m hoping it never ends (both his desire to read and Elan’s journal).

  • Ashley Schweiss

    Please say something! Just hand him your diary when he comes to get Murakami! Ugh my heart! T.t

  • JesBelle

    I had to look it up too. I could parse the syllables, but I kept interpreting “syn” as “near, similar to” (like in synonym) instead of “near, physically proximate.”

    Rafa, should you really be encouraging that kitten to try and catch dangly things when your own dangly thing is out?

    • Lisa Parsons

      Don’t remind me. Mmmmmmm.

    • D. Garrett

      that is a risk. but maybe he doesn’t mind a little pain here and there. mmmmmm
      i think this page has made us all a little more “needy” all of a sudden. wonder why. OH I KNOW! rafa is fn naked!!!! yes! thatz it.

      • Lisa Parsons

        I like when Rafa is naked. Can he be naked in every comic from now on??? Why does he have to wear clothes? *pouts*

        • He does like to walk around his apartment nude, as indicated before (I think The Argument Chapter?)

          • Lisa Parsons

            And we love him for it.

      • JesBelle

        A little pain is one thing. An infected foreskin is a whole ‘nother.

        • Lisa Parsons

          Speaking as someone who has been scratched quite a bit by a kitten recently, it hurts quite a lot. And this was my hands, fingers, arms…I can’t imagine how much it would hurt more…ahem…DELICATE areas. Careful, Rafa!

        • D. Garrett

          alcohol or peroxide should avoid that. and keeping it clean of course. i dont think scratch treatment is that difficult.

          • Lisa Parsons

            Scratches don’t usually get infected. Bites on the other hand…

          • JesBelle

            I think The Mice has not denied Rafa’s uncut status.

          • Lisa Parsons

            Whaddya doing, trying to kill me? *dies*

        • I’m touched by everyone’s concern over Rafa’s penis.

      • Lisa Parsons

        Also, that scruff? UNF. Can Rafa also not shave anymore? Hehe.

        Naked, unshaven Rafa…whoops. I should stop. It’s not polite to orgasm in a public comments section!

    • It is down and not moving. ;)

      • Lisa Parsons

        Elan will fix that soon enough.

  • Akio-kun

    Love these pages SO much!!! ^_^

    • Lisa Parsons

      Surely not. “The…I…you…THAT MOUTH.”

      : p

  • D. Garrett

    rafa’s sexy hot body and the adorable kitten have earned a place in my emr folder. pure yumminess.

  • Ummm…..this is probably somewhat inappropriate, but ummm… kitten fur against naked skin feels really nice….

    *goes back an hides in a dark corner of the internet*

    • Lisa Parsons

      Personally I bury my nose in the tops of cat heads and take a deep whiff, so you’re not the only one. Crazy cat lady through and through over here.

      Hey, a kitten won’t point and laugh at you for being naked, so that’s a plus. I don’t think it’s any more inappropriate than saying another person’s skin feels good against your skin. It’s not a sexual thing (at least I hope it’s not). Petting animals saves a lot of people from going insane, at least in this society where human to human touching is strictly regulated. Case in point, I go days without a hug from anyone or any sort of physical contact.

      I don’t think Rafa is being inappropriate or anything, he’s just comfortable and knows his kitten doesn’t judge him for walking around in the buff.

      Actually, cats are noted for how healing they can be. They lower blood pressure, soothe humans with purrs, and generally are awesome. : D

      I couldn’t live in a world with just humans in it. I can’t think of anything worse.

      • JesBelle

        Sort of related story — I used to have a boyfriend with a cat that would try to nurse on people nipples, male or female. No biggie unless you were asleep and got uncovered. You’d wake up to a sensation a lot less pleasant than kitten fur on skin, let me tell you.

        • I have had the occasional kitten do that… I thought it adorable.

          • Lisa Parsons

            “OW. Awww…OW! Awww…”

          • JesBelle

            Nips of steel.

            And this wasn’t a kitten; it was full-grown, big teeth, 30-grit tongue, CAT. In all other ways he was a precious punkin, though. R.I.P. Monster.

          • …..

            Cats should not. But kittens…. (is a big softie with kittens, would let them get away with murder)

        • I have had that happened with stray kittens who were weaned too early.

          Maybe Mujercita does that, she was stray and probably weaned to early.

          • MICE!!! Now I want art of that…. *cries* If I could draw I would and treasure it. It is just to adorable in my head! Sweet little fuzzy Mujercita trying to suckle on Rafa’s nipple and Rafa looking at her with this bemused/benign/captivated look on his face. Because: KITTEN. And kitten = adorable.

          • Lisa Parsons

            I find it kind of sweet, but it is likely very ouchy.

            It upsets me when kittens leave their moms too soon. My cousin’s kitten did.

            Mujercita is the sweetest.

          • Sometimes it is the mother that leaves too soon not the kittens. :-(

          • JesBelle

            My first cat was an air- and blanket-nurser. His mom was a barn cat who got kicked in the head by a horse when he was 6 weeks old. I love the idea of Mujercita getting into a nice long air-nurse like Gulliver used to — paws kneading away, a little drool, and the nictitating membrane shut. That would give Rafa some pause.

        • Lisa Parsons

          That’s so odd. *sigh* No mercy of mere tummy nibbles (since that’s where nipples are in cats). OUCH! Guess cats can smell where they are. lol.

    • Lleyn


  • I liked that Rafa went home and looked up the word. DAT ASS! *ahem* sorry, distracted. Anyway, Rafa wondered why he could write how he felt but he could not say it. Having been in his position I can answer from my experience. DAT ASS! Damn it! Stop looking! Sorry, where was I? I find that in writing I become more aware of my thoughts and feelings. I have time to think through what I want to say and pick my words with care. We can do this while speaking with others and yet most of us feel rushed or don’t bother with the effort. I suspect this is why Elan is so eloquent. He speaks with the same care as he writes. Oh, all right! Sheesh, I’ll say one last time before closing, “Dat ass!” Nice work, Mouse!

    • Lisa Parsons

      Boy, you got an ass like I’ve never seeeeen…

      Mmmmm. I bet you could bounce a quarter off that perfect backside. *drool*

    • D. Garrett

      donald ur fuqn hilarious sometimes!

  • I AM R U

    Dammit I love you Rafa…

  • IronDog

    Rafa’s expression here is incredible. So open and vulnerable. And beautiful for it. Show him that face, bud.