Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 14

Chapter 22 - Page 14

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  • Hands… my god how I’ve missed the zoom in panel of
    the hands c;

  • ….Elan… was that a subtle dig at Rafa and his previous playboy lifestyle? ^_^

    I really like how the images on the top were done. ^_^ They are “together” but you can still tell that they remain on opposite sides of the fence.

    This page is lovely!

    • You know Elan, the king of passive-aggressive snarkiness.

    • kuku

      Not all that subtle, I think.

    • Hey doki, heard you were ill? Glad you’re feeling better and back to posting.

      • Thanks! Well, I wasn’t only having health issues, my computer also died. -_- But I am doing better and I just need to get a new hard drive for my pc. Hopefully I can get mother to buy it for me. ^_^

    • Jonni

      Except Elan doesn’t realise the “previous” bit.

      I love the hands.

  • The picture fo this weeks update is beautiful. I stared at it for a good five minutes before clicking the link. The snark on this page is almost painful, i love it. And the hands, always a welcome sight.

  • Lleyn

    I agree, this is painful. They shouldn’t meet like this; together, yet apart, apprehensive, yet in love with each other. It’s painful to watch and painful to anticipate that one of them might say something really stupid, really hurtful. Careful with the snark, Elan, careful with the snide remarks, Rafa. But I love how Elan’s hands show his insecurity, despite his confident words.

  • JesBelle

    ALERT! True love detected off the port bow! Shields up!

    • JesBelle

      Seriously, though, I get why Elan’s gone all prickly here. I just wish he hadn’t.

  • SmokedBoo

    The feeling of that awkward moment is strong in this page.

  • kuku

    Rafa has this kind of awestruck look like he’s seeing St Francis of Assisi of the pigeons.

    It’s like code here, Rafa still arguing that the life of that neighborhood is common and ugly and worthless and Elan saying it’s admirable and has its own beauty. (And sending me to look up words again – synanthrope is a new one on me!) There is a compliment to you buried in there, Rafa. Plus, best not to knock rodents when you’re drawn by The Mice! (By the way, a rat with wings is a bat, or – like a Brazilian movie I saw once showed – to a rat, a bat can look like an angel.)

    • Yees, yes, yes, and yes, and haha.

  • Red

    “Though pigeons do mate for life” Does he need to say more? I don’t think so. Oh Mice you kill me with those hands…

  • bronakopdin

    is that… both of Rafa’shands or do they touch?!?!? I suppose the first? dunno…

    but Elan is as eloquent as ever! I bet his name is related to eloquence xD

    I’m a little looking forward to the speech I expect him to give Rafa :D

    • Lleyn

      I think those are Elan’s hands, because of the squares behind them that would go with Elan’s jacket, and also Rafa’s shirt doesn’t seem to have any cuffs.

      • bronakopdin

        I thought that at first, too, but those could also just be shadows, it’s not checked as his jacket it’s more like stripes… or well shadows maybe… also where did the bag he holds go? and would he really turn around his hand when a pigeon is sitting on it just like that?

  • PomixWing

    Elan wears subtlety well. I like that.


    • kuku

      Jake’s been ditched quite thoroughly, it’s just that Elan didn’t realize that what he saw was part of the ditching….

      • PomixWing

        True, but I meant to type together, sorry that’s my fault. His existence is so persistent, that instead of ditching him individually, I kind of wanted him to be ditched by them just being together. He’ll probably be spiteful and leave them alone afterwards and openly harass them when he sees them……. OH, but on second thought he’ll just NEVER leave them alone unless someone does something huh….. except that,Jake does a splendid job of screwing himself over anyway, so I’m sure he’ll eff up again and someone will just take care of that problem all together.

        Okay, that sounded bad. I can understand why Elan would help out Jake, and he’s too nice. But Jake deserves EVERYTHING BAD that happens to him, since he so splendidly asks for it….. and he’s shown he’ll never change either, so I wouldn’t be surprised of the governor wants to rid of him again…. or any other guy he pisses off, really.

  • I AM R U

    I’m probably the only one a little annoyed at Elan’s snark >.< I guess in my mind he's maybe making a dig at Rafa about Jack–Jake-John-Jason-what'shisname-the douchebag…

    • kuku

      Yeah, but Elan doesn’t know how heart-broken poor Rafa’s been. Words are not Rafa’s strong suit, and he keeps putting his foot in his mouth. That necklace needs to be on the outside of his shirt so Elan can see it….

      • JesBelle

        Or Elan needs to go pick up his damn cat and see the journal. Or he needs to go talk to Carlise so she can tell him how Rafa’s been moping around. Or he needs to just tell Rafa that it broke his heart to be apart from him.

        • I think Elan might have already talked to Carlise, but asked her not to tell Rafa he was back and not to talk to him about Rafa yet. Open wounds/not healed yet wounds and all that. Or told her to let him deal with Rafa in his own way in his own time.

          • JesBelle

            MMMMMMmaaaayyybbee. I have a hard time picturing Carlise just deciding to butt out.

          • Eh, Elan is still ‘recovering’ she might wait until she sure he is good before pushing things. It wasn’t that long ago that he was shot. I can see her giving him some time before she starts in on him.

        • kuku

          Yeah, Elan needs to get his wonderful fabulous cat! Though how is she going to get along with Gabriel Garcia Marquez? I still have a feeling that the art show is going to play a part in the reunion.

    • Red

      I really feel you. It’s totally true. But remember the things Elan was thinking about their relationship just before the shooting. He was wrong but the truth is that he has been absent and I think he doesn’t have an idea of how sad and heartbroken and depressed Rafa is. He wasn’t even aware of how deep were Rafa’s feelings for him. So I can relate to that “snarkiness”. On the other hand, I totally agree with kuku about the necklace and with JesBelle about the journal. If Elan finally get to that journal things would turn out very different. (That journal though made me burst into tears more than once when reading Rafa’s notes).

    • kuku

      Actually though, if Rafa figures out that that pain/jealousy over Jake is what’s upsetting Elan, it could be helpful.

  • Rafa opens with “rats with wings.” Elan opens with, “They survive in the harshest conditions. I’d think you might appreciate that. Oh, but they mate for life.” Point to Elan. Bonus point for an eloquent and subtle sting that hits like a Mack truck.

    That line tells me that Elan is carrying a chip the size of Gibraltar on his shoulder. He can speak so gently but his words drip with resentment and pain. As always a beautiful study on the intricacies of human nature.

  • D. Garrett

    I like the way Elan addresses the issue of his lack of contact with rafa so swiftly.