Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 13

Chapter 22 - Page 13

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  • Ah!!!!! Finally /.

  • Rafa, you are just jealous that the pigeons get to be all over Elan. :-P
    Oooo! He realized that his orders were bs!

    Elan looks gorgeous in that last image!

    • Lleyn

      And Rafa looks haunted in the first image. I wonder how ‘old’ that journal entry is, meaning how long it took him to realize his ‘orders’ were bs.

    • Red

      Super gorgeous! Welcome back Doki!

  • kuku

    Little dude is tough, like you said long ago, Rafa. Tough and tender, like you.

  • D. Garrett

    i love the dialogue. their differences in their perceptions and world models are obvious. cant wait for the conversation to continue. i miss the warmth between these two. >_< ;V_V;

    • Red

      I miss that too!

  • Red

    Ahh por fin…. Finally! Look how Rafa holds to that fence. Those hands just wanna hold Elan tightly!

  • bronakopdin

    finally T^T
    They meet!
    It’s not just one seeing the other they MEET <3

    and no more orders Rafa, you got it :D

  • Okay, color me odd but I would think to say something a bit warmer and more welcoming than “rats with wings.” Oh, you know, like, “OMG, Elan, you’re back! You look great! OMG, I’ve missed you so much! What do you mean you thought I didn’t want you back? We need to talk…”

    I so much want to Gibbs smack you, boy! ARGH!

    • Red

      Haha Gibbs…