Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 11

Chapter 22 - Page 11

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  • kuku

    Such a sweet picture of Elan as Pied Piper of pigeons, but sad that Rafa is fenced out.

    Come on out and get some, Ms. Mouse, there’s plenty of food!

  • Lleyn

    No, don’t feed the pigeons, Elan! There’s too many of them already, it’s neither good for them nor for their surroundings. And you mum said that you never needed to feed them, that they came to you regardless.

  • D. Garrett

    hmmm. a cat and a mouse brought them together the first time. will pigeons reunite them??? stay tuned…

  • Aziza Johnson

    Why do I keep hearing that Mary Poppin’s song in my head ‘feed the birds tuppence a bag’! Aw this is cute… Them bird’s ain’t so ugly now eh papi? XD

    • JesBelle

      So glad I’m not the only one.

      • That song always makes me tear up for some reason. It is also one of my favorite songs from that movie. ^_^

  • bronakopdin

    oh my so typical! That’s why we all love Elan :D

  • I really like the imagery of a shadowy Rafa behind the fence watching Elan. ^_^ I guess Ms Mouse decided she would rather be close to Elan. ^_^

    And is that a bird perched on his arm?

  • I AM R U

    Well, they do say pigeons are winged mice…

  • IronDog

    One man’s ‘ugly’ is another man’s ‘in need’.