Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 10

Chapter 22 - Page 10

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  • kuku

    Oh, only in your Elan-deprived eye of the beholder, Rafa. See them in the company of Elan and what beautiful birds they will be! Notice Miss Mouse down there? Hey, how are the kitties? Hang in there Rafa!

    TheMice, did you mean to have that trigger-warning message before this page? It looks like the one before Elan’s dad’s attack.

    • No I didn’t! Don’t know how that box got checked.

      It will be checked in the future, but not for a while.

      • kuku

        Gone now, good.

        • Jonni

          He’ll crop up again. Like acne.

      • Lleyn

        Oh-oh, a trigger-warning for violence in the future? That sounds ominous. Please tell me it’s for Rafa giving Jake another piece of his mind. Oh, how I’ve missed my EMR updates! Vacations are nice and all, but it’s good that there are things to remind you that home isn’t so bad, either ; )

  • PomixWing

    Oh, Rafa :(

    • This page cinches it for me. The beard on Rafa is a sign of depression. It isn’t always the case with a man and that is why I waited and watched. Last page and now this one sinks home that he hasn’t been caring for himself like he used to. Come to think of it I haven’t seen images of Rafa working out recently. Not since he trained Elan how to defend himself. If only Rafa knew how much that training paid off. Poor, moonstruck boy.

  • Why do I see Elan approaching from down the street while Rafa is distracted with ugly birds? It’s like a scene from a tender romance unfolding. Anyway, why are the birds ugly, Rafa? Once you know the answer to that question you’ll be ready for Elan.

    • Red

      I hope that so too, Birds are ugly cause Elan is not around… everything is ugly.

  • JesBelle

    Rafa, it’s hard to see you so devoid of your old sunshine.

    • Speaking of sunshine. I was considering this song for this page but it depressed me to much:

      • JesBelle

        It is a wee bit melancholy. I’m a sucker for baritones, though, so I enjoyed it.

      • This is a really great song. ^_^

  • Jonni

    Arthur Singer is a man I would not wish to underestimate for sheer spite. Jake is dumb enough, but I wonder if the Governer would ever deliberately cross Elan. People like that tend to keep their positions by knowing who to watch, who to smile at and who to smack down. Not a nice assessment, I know, but these are not nice people. Like Rafa the Governor saw strength in Elan from the outset, the difference being he wanted to take advantage of Elan’s inexperience – the point being even when Elan had just walked out of home and had been clonked in the face by a pimp, the Governor already saw him as someone to be handled carefully. Elan keeps his cool, analyses the problem before him and solves it. It might not always have been easy, but I reckon Elan could always have come up with a solution to the Governor if he became a problem. With the money he now has, he could probably solve that kind of problem a lot faster – I think the Governor knows Elan has now seen enough that he’s not going to be taken advantage of, and respects Elan’s capabilities enough to know not to cross him. The cost/benefit analysis is simply not favourable. Then again, if Elan’s philanthropy starts hurting his business, he may read that as Elan opening hostilities.

    • I see the Governor as an opportunist. If Arthur Singer’s money made its way into the Governor’s hands with instructions to make Elan suffer I honestly believe the Governor might give pause. He seems to like Elan but in the end business is business. If not the Governor then Jake seems the obvious candidate to carry out Arthur Singer’s mission of vengeance.

      Arthur had Elan watched extensively so it is very likely that he knows about Jake. Arthur might see a convenient toady in Jake and later, a scapegoat. Arthur can arrange for Jake to get money with instructions to make Elan suffer. He can then sit back with popcorn and watch the show confident that none of it can be traced back to him – or so he might think. There are so many ways this can unfold that I don’t mind sharing my pet theories. I know Mouse will surprise me.

  • Oh holy Mice, please pretty please,
    let Elan see Rafa.

  • bronakopdin


    I totally get it… when you are depressed nothing is beautiful anymore…
    why oh why can’t they meet up already… yeah I know…. but… I just can’t bear seeing them both like that for much longer T^T

  • I AM R U

    See, I can imagine him (Rafa) saying that when Elan is there as well, just to see Elan jump to their defense and give him an impassioned spiel about how the birds are beautiful, and Rafa just smiling because he loves how Elan looks when he’s all worked up and passionate about something… Ah, I miss those two together…

  • Aziza Johnson

    Funny you say that O- Scraggly one! LOL

  • Rafa looks a little rough around the edges. Has he been getting enough sleep since he found out that Elan was back in the area again?

    Ms Mouse looks comfortable hanging out under the bench, though she looks like she might want to climb up Rafa’s leg and comfort him. ^_^