Chapter 22 – First Contact: Page 1

Chapter 22 - Page 1

Learning to Fly – Michele McLaughlin

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  • kuku

    Elan looks so good here – relaxed and happy and at home. He really did make community with people here.

    Aw Elan, if you only knew that Rafa brought a piano home for you….

    • Oriana

      It’s heartbreaking how they each do so much for each other, without the other knowing. It’s like they’re in a relationship with the other, still, but they each assume that it’s one-sided.

      • kuku

        That’s a good way to put it.

        • Oriana

          Thank you. :)

  • Yay! Elan is visiting Scott at the bar! ^_^ I like Scott. ^_^ Also Elan classes up the joint a bit when he plays. ^_^

  • Lleyn

    Oooohhhh, the title of this chapter gives me hope!

    • Rache

      Oh, good point, didn’t even notice! :D

  • bronakopdin

    Oh my, such fresh smile after how we just saw him :)
    It’s good he’s having a good time visiting all his friends he made there :D

    and that piano music is just awesome!!!