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  • kuku

    Uh -huh indeed. I really doubt Elan would have used those words. I see what you mean about annoying. On the other hand, people probably pay a lot for the stuff at her gallery – though I’m sure she gets a big cut of it.

    How exactly did she know where to find him?

    • themice

      Somehow I wanted to add that his nosey neighbor told him he regularly goes to the library at this time but the panels got so wordy. I’m hoping to just have it as “something off the screen’.

      • kuku

        okay – that’s not too too stalkery.

        Yay Rafa the library patron! I actually went and looked at the library that Elan made the call from when he first slipped out of his dad’s house, just to confirm it was a different one.

        Whacha reading Rafa? Woodworking manuals? More Murakami? Speaking of which, how is that kitty?

  • Lleyn

    Oh, that uh-huh is hilarious. It’s such a good mix of “I hear bulls**t, lady” and “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. Of course, I’m hoping the real meaning of the uh-huh is, “yeah, right, you sound just like Elan – oh, wait….” *g*

  • bronakopdin

    praise…. more praise :D

  • IronDog

    His expression at the last is perfect. He knows there’s something more to this XD