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  • Is Rafa in a library or a book store? I have to admit I find this a little creepy. If someone walked up to me in a library and asked me if I was me, I would be creeped out and suspicious….”Who are you, what do you want, how did you find me, are you a stalker, do I need to call the cops?”

    and *squeee* Elan possibly found him a better job. I hope Rafa takes it, he would be better able to provide for his mother and sisters. Though I really wonder how smoothly this is going to go…

    • Lleyn

      Looks more like an opportunity to promote his skill as a carpenter than a “better job”. I wonder how Rafa will react to that, really, he never thought of his woodworks as “art”. And a gallery in uptown? Sounds posh.

      • Truth to tell, because of the spelling used I was assuming an upscale shop type thing instead of an actual wood art gallery.

    • JesBelle

      I think when you are a large, powerfully built man like Rafa, being approached by strangers gets a good deal less creepy.

      • themice

        He is always suspicious of warrants and subpoenas when a stranger knows his name like that.

        • JesBelle

          I might have thought of that if I hadn’t lost my train of thought contemplating Rafa’s imposing physique.

  • kuku

    Yay, the picture of Rafa among the books again! I love how he says “Depends.” Feels like a library to me by the size of the books and the way he’s holding the little slip of paper in his hands like it has the call numbers on it.

    He’s running his uncle’s shop now, right? Maybe this is another outlet for what he makes? I think he’d want to preserve his independence as much as he could.

    I wonder what he’s looking to read.

  • bronakopdin

    Rafa :)))))

    I wonder what Elan had in mind for him? I so look forward to their meeting again!

    • themice

      You’ll find out on the next pages. No long wait there.

  • JesBelle

    Pandora Evans is an awesome name.

    • themice

      Thanks. I like it. Evans is the last name of someone I find very annoying. And while I was trying to come up with a hipster name I was listening to my internet radio – Pandora, and thought “hym”.

  • Rache

    I’m DYING for them to reunite!!! EMR isn’t coming to a close is it? I recall something about how many chapters there was going to be, but I hope it’s not soon!!! :(

    • themice

      There is still quite a ways to go. :) Part 3 is the last part, but I’m not sure how many chapters yet.