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Wonderful Life by Black

  • AWWWW. This is just too cute! I wonder what the R stands for and how long it has been since he has given someone his “full” name? I wonder what Elan is thinking about changing his name to. o.O Elan the Animal Whisperer? Elan Philip Saltos? ^_^

    • WiseDragonGirl

      Oh yes, Elan Philip Saltos seems like a perfect name ^_^

  • aww c;

  • kuku

    Oh, Elan. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know.” What an enormous change. Is it because he feels this kinship with George? Is it because he feels he has nothing left to lose? Is it because others already know his name anyway? But there are so many other things he’s never told them. Or maybe because he really doesn’t identify with that past with his father anymore? I love that we see them walking together – are they holding hands?

    Much as I want to see Elan and Rafa back together, I am really glad that Elan is getting a grounding with other friends. He can’t let his relationship with Rafa be the only thing that matters in his life, it makes him too vulnerable. Though Rafa’s going to be aching if he finds out Elan’s come back to see George and not looked up him.

    And George – he’s reminding me of an elderly woman I knew who always seemed half crazed until once when I visited her in a hospital and her medications had been changed and she was quite lucid and calm and a bit sad and weary sounding and I realized that person had been in her all along. People are always more complex, we just don’t always see it.

    • themice

      I was going to answer these questions … then I thought better to leave them for the reader! :)

  • bronakopdin

    oh my this sure is nice! A trip through the streets with George ^^ I’m curious what They’ll talk about!