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  • *even bigger hug for George* So question, does this mean that George fought in a war? Or could it be he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw bad things? I lean towards him actually being a soldier though.

    Gah this page just fills me up with emotions. *hugs themice*

    I love that Elan found a place for George and someone to check up on him. I love it even more that if George doesn’t like it, he can leave. (not that I think he will, because I am sure Elan did everything perfectly ^_^)

  • kuku

    Oh George, kind soul wounded. And see how when Elan treats him like he isn’t crazy, what George says isn’t crazy at all. Yay for a chance to get off the street, but not be caged.

  • Donald Burch

    George has endured a rough life but he is quite literate and eloquent. I wonder what more lies under the surface? I like how they clasp hands. A gesture of trust between battered souls. Simply beautiful, Mice. I enjoy how you instill such emotion in a few pencil strokes.

  • Rache

    Such a lovely page. Elan is is so kind to consider everyone who has touched his life, even someone most people would overlook. I love Elan more and more with every chapter, his development is wonderful and engaging.

  • bronakopdin

    Gosh, Elan you’re simply the best T^T

  • Red

    As someone said a few pages before, he is an angel with curly hair and blue eyes. I can’t wait for the moment he will encounter Rafa. I mean, he is in the neighborhood, I feel kinda nervous…

  • D. Garrett

    homeless veterans are such a tragedy. im so glad elan is helping him.