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I Am A Rock – Simon & Garfunkel

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  • ….Elan looks so chill feeding the Pigeons.

    This page is gorgeous! and I love the song!

  • kuku

    I love the song too, but you are so not a rock, Elan. Your pigeon buddies look very happy!

  • DC

    I love Simon & Garfunkel, probably the first tape I ever owned :)

  • Lleyn

    Elan’s expression is beautiful, like he is really enjoying himself. And goodness, that song brings back childhood memories! My mother had a copy of the Simon and Garfunkel album, back in the days when we still used tapes and the term “pirate copy” was unheard of.

  • 2otaku

    Actually… this song would be better for Rafa.

    • D. Garrett

      i think it fits them both.

  • bronakopdin

    it’s like he’s actually waiting for Rafa to show up! :D

  • Aziza Johnson

    They’d better rename the park, not seeing much crap! j/k I love this image…

    • I suspect it has some Memorial name of some long dead politician! People just call it differently.

  • Belle

    You know that pigeon looks a little like a snow man :)

  • Rache

    Just read it from the beginning again. I don’t know if it was deliberate, but is it just me or does Elan and Rafa look like they have gotten older? I find that so interesting in itself, the attention to detail themice puts in. Elan looks handsome here where he was cute in the beginning :)

    • Elan is the only one that has had a birthday since the comic started (I think, I don’t remember Rafa having one). So I don’t think it is a passage of time aging (I am not sure, but I don’t think even a year has passed in the comic), but more of the aging one gets by living through certain events. ^_^

      • I’m saying Rafa’s birthday passed uneventfully. He is about 2.5 years older than Elan.

    • Would love to say it was deliberate, though Rafa has ‘aged’ because of depression/angst and Elan by being ill for a while. However, more likely I’m drawing more detailed and less cartoony!

    • JesBelle

      A beard does tend to make a guy look more mature.

  • IronDog

    A great choice of song.