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  • JesBelle

    Someone finally learned Elan’s name.

  • …..Jake is actually….being…..helpful??? and not a complete smeghead?

    I wonder if Rafa will give in to curiosity and show up at the park at some point?

    • Red

      I hope so… I sooo hope so.

      • Lleyn

        Don’t we all :)

    • JesBelle

      Still giggling over “smeghead.”

  • kuku

    He WANTED to come back, remember Rafa? You were the one who thought he shouldn’t.

    Jake, way to go, so far. Could it be you are not utterly irredeemable?

    • DayiaKnyte

      Rafa was right in a lot of ways.
      There is a reason slums and bad part of towns are called that. He really did have Elan’s best interest at heart and wanted to do the right thing by him. That included talking to him face to face.
      It was Elan who insulted him (made a very sarcastic remark about not wanting Rafa to sing Free Bird to him in person) and then just hung up on him.
      At the time all Rafa could do was keep him out of harms way by telling him coming back was a dead end street. He couldn’t guarantee Elan’s safety, and not knowing how things went down with this father, couldn’t guarantee that he and Elan could afford to get out of there anytime soon. It was almost the death of him once … it could be so again in many ways. He did what he thought best for ELAN.
      Yeah, Elan has money to give out to help others, but does that make him a better person then Rafa? What sacrifices is he making? What pride is he swallowing by simply hooking Rafa up? He won’t talk to Rafa … but he is setting Rafa up to feel beholden to him. That is not fair.

      In truth, despite all the money he is giving away, I am finding it really hard to like Elan right now.

      • kuku

        I think we have to remember what Elan had just come out of – an encounter with his father, who was always trying to override Elan’s ability to make his own decisions, and always claiming that Elan was a naive fool and that his father had Elan’s best interests at heart. And then tried to strangle him. So telling Elan “No, don’t do what you think is best, I know better and I have your best interests at heart” is not going to get a good reaction. Elan could have died at his rich father’s hands in his rich father’s office. He’s seen danger in more than one place in his life, he can make his own decisions.

        Granted, Rafa didn’t know that. At the same time, Elan wasn’t sure of what he meant to Rafa. He’d only heard that Rafa is a playboy whose only long-standing commitment is to Jake, and in public Rafa hadn’t done anything to refute that. Elan paid off Jake’s debt as a way of protecting Rafa.

        Elan had no confidence in himself as someone to be loved and desired. He really was afraid Rafa was just going to break up with him and he couldn’t take it, and he hung up in that feeling of sudden bitter certainty. He was wrong, but he didn’t know that. He is still trying to help Rafa out, but he feels too vulnerable to see him. Is that a bit messed up? Yeah, okay, but he’s only human. They both are, and they are both doing the best they can in difficult circumstances and without knowing each other’s real feelings. Let’s hope they get a chance soon to find out how much each of them is loved by the other.

        • DayiaKnyte

          Good argument.
          Though in my opinion, Rafa is proving to be the most honest of the two.
          Admittedly, I put a high standard on communication and honesty; and I see more of that having come from Rafa.

          • Lleyn

            I really don’t think that Elan is “setting Rafa up to feel beholden to him”. That’s taking it a bit far and there is no evidence for that. In fact, it seems to me more that Elan really means to stay hidden, doing good for the people he cares about from the background (whether that is a good thing or not, is debatable). To him, as kuku said, he doesn’t believe he has a future with Rafa, so never seeing Rafa again yet doing something for him, makes sense to Elan.

            And if you want to talk about honesty: Rafa is so thoroughly shaken by the shooting and so afraid of losing Elan forever, that he is being hypocritical: He used to call Elan strong, yet in the phone call, he was being overprotective, trying to tell him what to do, even though he should know from their time together that Elan doesn’t do what others want him to.

            Mind you, I’m not taking sides. They both come from vastly different social and familial backgrounds, they are both coping differently with the situation that was thrust upon them and they are both bound to make mistakes in the process. Whether they’ll be able to learn from it, we’ll see.

          • DayiaKnyte

            I agree that Elan isn’t setting Rafa up; but Rafa does have his pride as well, and human nature being what it is, will probably feel indebted because of it.

            And I don’t think Rafa was being a hypocrite. He felt it was a bad idea for Elan to come back (and in a lot of ways he is right), he also knew it wasn’t just an easy explanation, that is why he told Elan they needed to talk and it was a talk that should not be done over the phone.
            Elan then filled in ALL the gaps, as well as assumed all of Rafa’s reasoning behind it, then did the rudest, most selfish and hurtful thing he could do. He hung up on him and has not spoken to him since.
            That is just cruel.

            Rafa DOESN’T need Elan’s money. He needs closure that will only come with talking. And quite frankly, I would be mad if I found out the person who couldn’t give me the time of day decided I still needed their money. That is just insulting.

            I’m feeling bad for Rafa. I don’t think he deserves to be treated this way.

  • Oriana

    Rafa’s face when he hears about Elan almost broke my heart- it’s so beautifully drawn.

  • bronakopdin

    Oh my his expression T^T It can’t be too long… we saw on each of them how much then long for each other already!!! Give them a meet-up soooooon >_<'

  • DayiaKnyte

    How would you feel if you loved someone, wanted the best for them (even if that meant letting them go) and you wanted to discuss why; only to have them assume the worst and simply disappear with no explanation. Would you take money from such a person and feel good about it? How would you feel if you found out the person you loved and decided you weren’t worth the time of day paid for your “opportunity”.
    I wouldn’t want that at all.
    Yes, I am being one-sided. Having been around the block a few times and either witnessing or being part of similar scenarios … I still stand by my statement that Elan, in a real world situation is doing what will make him happy and ignoring the ONLY thing Rafa asked from him … his time. No amount of money can replace that.

    If you re-read the conversation (something real people don’t get to do in real life) Rafa was very clear that it wasn’t a good idea for him to come back and wanted to explain why. He wasn’t telling Rafa to do anything. He expressed his opinion and was very clear they needed to talk.

    • JesBelle

      Elan hasn’t given Rafa any money. I think Elan knows better than anybody the harm that would do. All he did was find someone who could appreciate Rafa’s abilities and showcase them to the people who could both appreciate them and pay for them. Both of them are pretty guilty of thinking that they know what’s best for the other. After all, Rafa knows that Elan loves him and he has decided to stay away from him anyway.

      • Elan is very serious about no one ever finding out what is behind their good “luck”.

  • DayiaKnyte

    Dear themice,
    Thank you for writing a story that has real people, making real mistakes.
    As you know, I don’t like Elan very much right now and feel Rafa has had his world turned upside down.
    As much as I am arguing for Rafa … and others for Elan … it only means you have written a story where the characters are worth arguing for.

    Well done.

    • I’m enjoying the exchange immensely. Part because I was afraid people wouldn’t like Rafa and also I didn’t want Elan to be a Mary Sue. I wanted some damaged but good people.

      • kuku

        I feel bad for Rafa not so much because Elan hung up on him – Elan did call him three times, after all, so Elan was making efforts, whereas Rafa was trying to stay away. The strongest reason I feel bad for Rafa is that his former sunny self-confidence changed into a self-blaming “all the men in my family are no good and bring trouble to all those near them.” I think he felt not just that the neighborhood was bad for Elan, but that he himself was not worthy. (And alas, he got that well-intentioned but off-base advice from Carlos.) I think Rafa has matured and become more thoughtful but I’m afraid he is still too down on himself. If he believed that he was good for Elan, he’d fight for the relationship. But he doesn’t see that his protectiveness means not trusting Elan to make his own decisions. As for Elan, I think what he’s denying Rafa is not his time but his vulnerability.

        I appreciate that you don’t give us easy answers, The Mice, because in real life things get so messed up so easily and often.

        But I am still believing that somehow this will work out, and wondering who will help get them together again… Carlise? The neighbor lady who bakes? Murakami? George? Elan doesn’t even know about Mujercita….

        • Wouldn’t it be a kick if it was actually Jake?

          • kuku

            Poetic justice!

      • JesBelle

        I can’t imagine anyone not liking Rafa.

        It’s weird. I have two favorite comics right now and it feels like I am having very similar conversations in both forums. Namely, what does a good relationship look like? So many stories end with love conquering all; I love it when a story really delves into the other things that a couple needs and still manages to stay interesting. Having respect, honesty, trust, and, most boring of all, good communication are just as important.

        • Yet, I don’t believe love conquers all. You can be desperately in love with someone and not be compatible with them. Then again, as you might see, completely compatible and not have that “chispa”.

          This story is all about “chispa”.

          • JesBelle

            Yeah, I’ve been in both kinds of relationships. I met some amazing guys. Then one day, I broke it off with all of them to finally try dating the most fascinating and sexy monogamist. My anniversary is tomorrow. :)

          • Happy anniversary!

          • Congratulations! ^_^ Most of my relationships don’t last longer then 6 months. ^_^ I envy people that can have longer ones. ^_^

        • kuku

          Since my other favorite comic (Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal) finished, I could use another good one to look forward to – do you mind me asking what your other favorite is?

          • JesBelle

            My other favorite is “Jason” by Jezbelizia. It’s a retelling of Wuthering Heights. The early pages are kind of difficult to read — the words are small and handwritten and the paneling is a little crazy, but it improves a lot as it goes along. I’d tell you how great it is, but you can see me shamelessly fangirling all over the comments around page 110 or so. It’s over at Smackjeeves.

          • kuku


    • P.S. I’m afraid if you already don’t like Elan right now, you won’t like him still (or less) for several chapters.