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  • ….. does Jake know that Elan is behind everything? is he going to tell Rafa that about Elan? or does it have nothing to do with Elan at all? Am I actually curious as to what he has to say?

    …..although I am mildly surprised that I haven’t yet wanted to punch Jake for opening his mouth since this reappearance..knowing Jake it is only a matter of time. Though, I want to punch him for a WHOLE other reason…. *mumbles about Jake always interfering with Elan and Rafa and he just needs to get lost and stay lost*

  • JesBelle

    Well, to be fair to Jake (Ugh, what has gotten into me!), he has always seemed more willfully stupid than natively so. Given the proper motivation, such as a desire to redeem himself with Rafa, he might just be able to put 2 and 2 together with a little effort. Also, he does have his ear to the ground more than Rafa does these days. If he’s managed to figure out that Elan is behind all the recent good luck, including his own, he may want to either use it to sabotage things further between Elan and Rafa, or to discharge any sense of obligation to Elan by pushing Rafa toward him.

    After all, Jake can’t be 100% jerk; he did manage to earn Rafa’s friendship once.

  • bronakopdin

    gossip time now?
    I wonder… I mean even if for some reason Jake really knows something… why go out of his way to meet up with Rafa and tell him? There must be an ulterior motive or sth…

    I know I’m so negative but all my senses tell me “ALERT”

    • themice

      He is really a simple guy and uses anything just to talk to Rafa again (even if it may mean another punch, but Rafa got that out of his system like guys can do).

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    Sorry, I need to share this stupid doodle I think expresses my perception of what is going on between these two. Oh so dummiessss <3

    • themice

      I LOVE IT! <3

      • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

        Thanks for liking it :3 It’s too manga-ish for your style, but my mind is already distorted due to over exposition to yaoi XD

        • themice

          I wish I could so manga, but another style to learn would take too much time. And there is so much out there already and I tend to like to go a little against the grain even if it loses me a lot of potential readers.

          • betamorphoses

            Anyone who disses this comic cuz it’s not in manga style doesn’t deserve it or you, seriously!

          • kuku

            I love your style – it’s warm and natural and real, like your story.

          • themice

            Thank you! <3

          • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

            I like your story because it is original, the perfect mixture between a fantasy and a realistic story and your drawing style is awesome. I believe your fans love you because of what makes your art unique ❤

    • This is great! ^_^

    • Rika-Chan

      It’s so cute <3

    • screwdriverhorror

      You are awesome.

      That is all.

      • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

        Aww you are cute :3

  • Rache

    I can’t wait a week to find out what the news is! Gahh! Dx

  • SmokedBoo

    Damn cliffies. ;-;

  • DayiaKnyte

    Elan is really begining to get on my nerves.
    Fixing other people’s problems, while totally ignoring your own is just (for the want of a better word) stupid.
    And it seems he never respected Rafa enough to actually talk to him after he abruptly hung up on him and is now playing “fill in the blanks.”
    If you didn’t want to see him kiddo, you didn’t have escourt the nice lady … I’m sure she manages to find potential clients on her own.
    So quit torturing yourself (AND US) and go see him already!

    • themice

      Solving other people’s [perceived] problems to avoid your own is a survival self-defense mechanism, especially when you’ve been disappointed by people [or one major person] in the past. I had a therapist once tell me that this kind of defense worked well when we were children, but need to be abandoned when we become adults. Problem is, we don’t.

      • JesBelle

        I see an element of that in Elan’s actions, but I also see an element of him asserting who he wants to be in the world. His father’s strategy in life was to take — a strategy which not only failed miserably, but also caused a great deal of pain to those around him — and Elan is very naturally rejecting that. But yeah, he needs to find some balance, not mention losing the Cyrano de Bergerac thing. Honestly, if CdB hadn’t died at Roxanne’s feet, I think she would have thumped him good when she realized what game he’d been playing with both of their lives.

      • D. Garrett

        this comment reminds me of the movie “amelie”.