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  • kuku

    oh, you look so lovely without your glasses there Elan, but fragile, I hope you don’t see Jake and get the wrong idea…

  • …..OMG Elan was waiting in the Taxi…..but…now I am curious as to how Elan knows her?

    Gah, I am not sure if this counts as Elan wanting to see Rafa or not wanting to see Rafa. But I still want to give Elan hugs. These adorable idiots need to work things out between themselves soon!

    • JesBelle

      Maybe they went to the same college.

    • kuku

      I bet Elan did research on what would be a good outlet for selling Rafa’s work. He was busy with a LOT of research and arranging to set up those scholarships (including finding an old teacher of Carlise’s to write to her), finding out who owned Carlos’ restaurant, etc.

      • themice

        Elan is a researcher, and he has connections throwing his name and through his uncle. I haven’t though out clearly how he knows her, that was the default reasoning. He could have met her in his fancy college too.

        • Red

          Ohh Mice, I hope Jake’s presence there do no harm after all. Elan is soo cute. I’m glad you will be able to print your work, I’m definitively your customer. Can’t wait.

  • bronakopdin

    so selfdestructive in a way Elan :(

    • Lleyn

      Hm, you think so? I mean, if my assumption is correct, and Elan saw Jake lingering, then, working on Elan’s assumption that Rafa and Jake are still / again an item, I rather think it’s self-preservation if he does not want to look. Even if he hasn’t noticed Jake, Elan is convinced that Rafa does not want him anymore, so, again, not looking in self-preservation. I rather think that Elan fears his resolve would go out the window if he looked at Rafa. Or that his heart would break.

      • bronakopdin

        that’s exactly why it’s selfdestructive IMO, he just assumes… he should make sure! And if he did, they’d probably find to each other again. So of course this is more wishful thinking ^^

  • JesBelle

    Ha! I do the same thing — except the thing I’m afraid of seeing is all the housework that needs doing.

  • Krondor2000

    Gah!!! The waiting for their eventual reunion is driving me crazy!!

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    ¡¡¡¿Pero cómo no va a querer verlo si es re hermosoooooooooooo?!!!

    :C Sorry I exploded in spanish… But…Why, Elan, why!!! you just should see how cute he looks with his hair bun. </3

  • D. Garrett

    hmmm. jake has made himself available and rafa can only go without fuqn 4 so long…

  • IronDog

    I know that feeling. People are so much less without features.