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  • ebeatle

    Not seeing Elan and Rafa together (or at least in the same panel, jebus!) is slowly (one Wednesday at a time, in fact) destroying my soul.

  • Looks like she managed to not say who drew her attention to him. ^_^ I think Rafa is probably really confused right now. ^_^ I hope we get to see her looking at his work. ^_^

  • Lleyn

    Okay Rafa, now think. Think hard. Who do you know who a) is educated enough to know about all that artsy stuff, b) would describe your work in such ‘fancy’ words and c) has the social connections to get a styled lady from a posh gallery to come and seek you out -in person- without ever having seen your work? – Yeah, right, must’ve been the Governor ;)

  • JesBelle

    Okay, I know she’s supposed to be annoying, but I adore her. Maybe because I had those same glasses in college (waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy before they were even ironically cool). So if I were a gallerie representative who had to go meet a scruffy dude in a rough neighborhood to discuss his furniture art designs, I’d be thinking, “This guy is a fellow Fine Arts major.” and I’d adjust my schmooze accordingly.

  • few pages behind! Finally caught up and devastated to not see those two hard headed nuts together yet!

  • bronakopdin

    so awesome!!!!

    can’t say more right now…