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  • No_One_Special

    I hope he tells the old man NO he not going to sign and Dad can live off a little of the interest.
    Run Elan go back to Rafa where you belong.

  • READ IT CAREFULLY FIRST ELAN!!!! Very Carefully.

    *mumbles* You cannot trust your father or his lawyers.

    Don’t rush through it just because “Dad” made dinner reservations.

    ……Did Mr. SInger make Elan wait for awhile before calling him in? Did he purposefully make it so that Elan wouldn’t have too much time before they had to leave for dinner to properly look over the documents?

    …..Did he really need ALL of his lawyers to look over a single document? Maybe I am being too mistrustful, but I really think something stinks.

    • D. Garrett

      elan should have surprised daddy by showing up with one or two lawyers of his own.

  • Lleyn

    I’m starting to understand why Elan thinks his dad thinks so little of him. “Disclaim of your inheritance”? Hello? Just how dense does he think Elan is? That Elan will throw away his right to his own money for as little as a dinner together with daddy? Your son is not a dog, Mr. Singer, that you reward with a little treat for performing a nice trick. And Elan also isn’t one of your lackeys (lawyers) who, when you say “Jump!” merely ask “How high?”

  • Domen

    Aw Hell

  • Domen

    Aw Hell

  • pat

    Que the Uncle!!! Enter stage right….behind Pops!! :) :) :)

  • SVM2015

    Dang it. I was praying that it wouldn’t come to this. I know Elan can work for his money but I can’t stand the idea of his dad receiving a cent let alone the portion he’s thinking of giving up. Then again, you said there will be consequences so obviously they’ll start here.

  • bronakopdin

    I really hope he won’t sign it… hell, I wish for his backbone to show up NOW

  • crooner62

    my heart is pounding…

    They used to call this a “cliff-hanger” because in the silent film serials (like The Perils of Pauline), the episode would end with the hero/heroine literally hanging from a cliff (probably the Palisades here in New Jersey) and the audience would have to wait until the next week’s installment. And even tho you KNOW they’re going to be okay, you still can’t wait to see it for yourself and make absolutely certain!

    Good stuff!!

    • themice

      I like that description! Thanks D-O!