Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 35

Chapter 20 - Father and Son - Page 35

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  • Donald Burch

    Uncle Felipe, can you be my uncle too? That line about Arthur was *priceless!* Elan, darling, you really must get over this insecurity. Sometimes people are bad and it has nothing to do with you. I’m proud of you, sweety! Never let anyone tell you that you’re worthless.

  • Listen to your wise and lovable Uncle Elan! This is actually something I had to deal with in high school with my mother. Just go and be with your Uncle Elan love. I am sure he is going to be very supportive of you and what choices you chose to make. ^_^

    • Donald Burch

      I sadly have the misfortune to come from a family with at least three that I can say with all my heart are as cold and as cruel as Arthur Singer. I know first-hand how Elan can believe he is worthless and nothing but trouble. I’m still in counseling to get past some damage from those years in my life. This is why I smile so much when I see Uncle Felipe. In my life it was Aunt Lilly. “Mama Lil” never failed to shoot from the hip and tell me what I needed to hear. God, but I miss her. I hope Felipe is for Elan what Aunt Lily was for me.

      • Well I didn’t have any family, but I did gain a surrogate mother. Who funnily enough didn’t like me until she stayed in our house while her new one was getting put in. She used to babysit my brother and became good friends with my mother…until then. She and her husband eventually went and stayed in a hotel because she said if she had stayed in our house any longer she would have ended up hating my mother because of the way I was being treated. She now views me as her other daughter doesn’t mind that I like reading about love between boys and keeps asking me when I am going to give her a baby to sit. ^_^

        • Donald Burch

          Hah, that’s cool! I’m glad that you found that love. It took a while but you got it. Family isn’t necessarily by blood but in what part they play in life. I got the “when are you giving me a grandchild” treatment until it turned out that I could not safely sire children. Oh, but then it was, “You’re not off the hook; you can still adopt.” Some hassles in life are a joy to endure.

      • bronakopdin

        it’s the same everyone I fear… or at least for a lot of people… I also have people in my family I’d rather have nothing to do with but then there are others that picked me up when I nedded it the most!
        for me it was my granny on my fathers side!
        She’s getting very old now though and got even more grumpy xD
        yeah she was always grumpy and in fact didn’t have much nice words to share but often the RIGHT words! which had some hidden kindness behind them :)
        you just have to know her to understand that ^^

        • Donald Burch

          Oh, I understand the “lovable grump” only too well. Most of the people I adored in life were lovable and grumpy. They taught me the value of loving honesty. Sometimes the truth hurt but with a turn of wit and a pronouncement that life could always be worse they helped me gain a sense of healthy perspective. I hold a special place in my heart for that brand of special wisdom.

        • SVM2015

          I had some teachers who were pretty cruel. It’s horrible when you’re trying to learn things and some of the stuff they say can still haunt you. Thank goodness I have a loving family and friends otherwise I don’t know how I would’ve turned out.
          One of my aunts is like Uncle Felipe. In fact, my parents sometimes call me a clone of her because we look alike and share the same kind of humor.

  • Aurelie86

    Oh so my phone can’t make updates now?! *starts to complain about getting out of bed and walking across a cold house for the pc* Next week I’m sleeping with the laptop.

    I take back what I said earlier about Uncle Felipe; I like him better without hair. His eyes are beautiful. We all need someone in our life to love us like Uncle Felipe.

  • Gosh, Uncle Felipe is blunt and honest.
    you have to love him c;

  • kuku

    Uncle Felipe took Elan flying in his arms when he was a kid! Yay Uncle Felipe! You guys are made for each other.

  • bronakopdin

    WELL said uncle Felipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like you more and more, you call the things by name xD
    Seriously, it’s awesome for Elan to have him! I wish Rafa had someone like that right now ;_;

  • Jonni

    What kind of father could fail to love a son like Elan?

  • IronDog

    Nicely said.