Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 33

Chapter 20 - Father and Son - Page 32

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  • Donald Burch

    I called it! Hee-hee, Elan tossed the coat and tie to the wind. Well, the tie anyway. I didn’t specifically see him toss the coat but why stop with only the tie? Anyway, I learned something valuable and reassuring about Elan. He has a healthy foundation for how to face challenges. Let it go, move on, look for better opportunities.

  • Elan hun, I love you and I don’t think you plan on falling, but….PLEASE GET OFF THE LEDGE YOU ARE MAKING ME NERVOUS!!! *is a big wuss with heights*

    • kuku

      Yeah me too, big wuss with steep drop-offs, PLEASE GET DOWN ELAN HON. Plus, give Uncle Felix a chance – he might not see you as a child. But yeah, feel the wind in your face and shed those restrictive clothes and set off to find yourself.

      • Lleyn

        Oh, me three! I mean, the getting off the ledge because it’s making me nervous. I’m not that frightened of heights or drops, at least not when it comes to myself, but I can’t watch other people up on high ledges. Oh, and does anyone know what a Xanaxed ball is? I’m not a native English speaker, so forgive me if I’m being ignorant ;)

        • kuku

          Xanax is a medication used to treat anxiety and panic – I think he means taking medication and curling his body up into a ball-shape.

          • Lleyn

            Thanks kuku! I learn so many new things with this comic.

  • Aurelie86

    I had to read the comments before I read the comic lol. When I saw him on the ledge I felt a cold chill. Nope, not about to cry myself to sleep tonight.

  • Patsy Cline is exactly what life-moments like this call for, “I fall to pieces…” When you play the Patsy Cline song-book over and over… so true! Thank you for the PERFECT thing for the perfect moment. I love him walking on the edge like that. Just great.

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    I. Am. Dying. XD

    • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

      weeeelll… I agree with Elan, though. It’s not cute when everybody treats you like you’re so fragile. Ñeh. But still. He’s way too precious for Rafita. Why can’t you just see that, Elan? He misses you so much ;__; ñeeh

      • Jonni

        Elan had a lifetime of his father telling him he’s a worthless failure and he’s spent years believing it and considering himself incapable and unlovable – which is why he believes he’s nothing more than a shag to Rafa – and why he’s misunderstood him. As far as Elan’s heard, Rafa loves Jake.

        • themice

          yes, that sums it up.

          • Jonni

            Personally, I’m waiting to see the look on Elan’s face when he finally realises Rafa is every bit as crazy for him as he is for Rafa. But I’m also a bit worried about the knife.

          • D. Garrett

            i think the knife was a premonition about rafa & the purse thief. or ptsd.

  • Rache

    Ok whew. He’s fine, it didn’t go the direction I feared. Elan has a good head on his shoulders, and he’s stronger than most know. I just love his character so much!

  • bronakopdin

    great page and monologue again!
    Elan is so poetic, I love him for that! (Not that Rafa isn’t, too!)
    wow, I can’t help but cry for him… Ikinda know what he means to have nowhere to go…

  • samabel

    Now, I’m really curious about the continuation. Let’s hope they can meet…

  • D. Garrett

    this isnt good. hes losing it in his sense of isolation & detachment. walking the ledge is inherently wreckless. he doesnt seem 2 care enough about his life anymore.

    • Jonni

      Elan seems to have no sense of danger when it comes to heights. The veiw from outside when he was sitting on the window sill back at Mr Singer’s house terrifies me for Elan every time I see it, but Elan seems to love the high perspective. Does he love it for the closeness to the sense of flying? Is it where he feels most free? I’d love to hear him talk about what he loves about heights.

      Sorry, I got sidetracked. I think Elan cares more now than ever – he’s had a taste of goodness in his life. This is just Elan getting perspective on his troubles.

      • D. Garrett

        it is possible i misread that. he does seem quite comfortable with heights. nice point jonni. :)

        • Jonni

          That’s the fun of reading everyone’s comments; all the thoughts and perceptions that I never would have had from my reading alone – that and the way that people will share cools things I never knew about or cool things I had forgotten :)