Chapter 20 – Father and Son: Page 32

Chapter 20 - Father and Son - Page 32

Vermillion Lies – I Should Fly

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  • Lleyn

    Beautiful song.

  • bronakopdin

    oh no…. please don’T tell me Elan is going to do what I think!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!7

    I hope I’m just overreacting >_<'

  • Meesu

    Guh the anticipiation is killing meeee Dx

  • Donald Burch

    I have two reactions, the snarky and the sincere. The snarky side of me snorts, “Elan, honey, that isn’t going to help. Rafa hit you with his car and you scarcely suffered a bruise. You recovered miraculously from being shot. Jumping is only going to crack the pavement and scare pedestrians.”

    The serious side of me did not see this coming though I know Mice well enough to wait for next page before drawing conclusions about what Elan is doing. It looks like he is getting ready to jump but it is just as likely that he is tossing the suit and tie, along with everything they represent to the wind.

    If Elan is indeed contemplating suicide then it seems unbelievably out-of-character. Mice said he was not thinking clearly and that might explain it. His father choked him and Rafa repeated Daddy Dearest’s words to Elan verbatim. I can imagine Elan clearly feels trapped and alone and I know from experience that one does crazy things when cornered. Nonetheless, Elan strikes me as not being the sort to suicide.

    Firstly, he had plenty of reasons before now to go through with it. Secondly, he is only proving his father is right about him and I suspect that contrariness and spite are sufficient to keep him from the deed. Lastly, Elan is keen to the impact his death would have on others he cares about like Rafa and Uncle Felipe. Hell, even his father. It is said that everyone contemplates suicide at some point in their lives and sadly, I have.

    I stared into the dark from my lonely corner and no matter how angry or desperate I felt I could not hurt my family and friends. Perhaps Elan needs to stare into the dark or the sky in this case and think about it like I did. Sometimes taking things to the brink like that is necessary in order to force life into focus. I never knew exactly how blessed I was until I thought about my friends and family that cared for me. I came from that experience with a greater appreciation for life and the gifts I took for granted.

    I half expect Elan to think through things and call Rafa back, “What did you mean about Javier? What happened?” Elan cares if not for himself then for others.

    • Jonni

      I think the initial panels show Elan feeling lost and lonely, thinking he has lost Rafa forever – and the final panel is him determined to take on the world on his own terms and show that he can. Look out world!

      I can see how you might think Elan’s looking for a way out here, but nothing that has happened so far has even dented Elan’s determination – let alone broken it, an unbroken Elan is not going to give up the ghost.

      I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience such a terrible low point in your life and I’m glad that there were good and loving people there to help you through. I know from my own experience how much a kind word, a compassionate ear and the occasional hug can make. I owe my life to a friend at my fencing club who caught me taking a final look around and wouldn’t let me go until I told her what was wrong, to an email friend on the other side of the world and a three-legged cat on Dorset Street who was always pleased to see me (she also purred like a thunderstorm).

      • Donald Burch

        You rock 1. because your reply was so sweet, and; 2. you learned to fence, and; 3. a three-legged cat loved you so much. <3 What you write makes a lot of sense. I mentioned that it seemed out-of-character for Elan to suicide and I chose to wait for Mice to drop the other shoe. That said the strongest soul experiences a low point in life. Acknowledging that basic humanity I think is important. It doesn't speak poorly of Elan if he has such a moment. How he chooses to face that moment is more important.

        • Jonni

          Thanks, Donald Burch. Your insight is awesome as ever.

          • Donald Burch

            Flattery will get you ~EVERYWHERE,~ darling!

  • Krondor2000

    Oh snap! I really don’t like this scene despite how dramatic it looks!

  • JesBelle

    Elan’s not so fragile, I think. He just likes to perch when he thinks.

    • My thoughts exactly. Elan throughout the comic has gone on roofs and what not while he was thinking. He likes to think outside up high.

  • Aurelie86

    I briefly read some of the comments and I was like “Y’all are overreacting. It’s been shown several times before that he simply likes open, high spaces to think.” Then I looked at the pictures again and played the song. I’m going to stick with my initial statement because it sounds so much better than the overwhelming evidence stating otherwise.

  • Ashley Schweiss

    That best be Elan ‘ s “I’m running over to Rafa right now to tell him exactly what I think and running in a tie is not appropriate behavior” look…. xc

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    Am I weird?? If I didn’t read the comments, the idea of Elan jumping would have never even crossed my mind. What’s he thinking? Why are these two so dramatic and self-destructive? I love them though. I am actually a bit upset with Elan for saying something so misunderstandable to Rafita on the phone. I really hope he knows him well enough to know those words are just Elan’s reaction to not knowing how to react :B Dayum, I just want then to be together again for once! :c

  • kuku

    I am more worried about Rafa than Elan at the moment. I think Elan looks determined – he’s fighting towards determining his own life, he’s not going to give it up now.

  • Cris

    idk, i like to go to rooftops to think as well, so that’s why I didn’t think “SUICIDE” at first but the song worried me a bit (maybe the mice is teasing us?). Elan doesn’t hit me as the type to kill himself. He’s sad and troubled but he’s not depressed (not that depression is the only cause for suicide, but still). I think its more like “okay think you can’t go back to rafa and you don’t have a place to go to, oh and you’re feeling really bad right now” and in the last panel he gets himself together and he’s going to take the bull by the horns (like he has before).

    • Lleyn

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comment, except regarding the song. It is a sad song, yes, but nowhere in the song is there talk of suicide. Just of getting away, of wishing to gain distance from people who are “liars, cheaters and haters”. I, too, didn’t for a moment think that Elan is contemplating suicide. Not only would that be totally out of character for him, but something in the way the scene was drawn told me. So, great song, great scene, great job, Mice!

      • Donald Burch

        This is where I regret being profoundly deaf. Mice picks the songs very carefully as they are insight into what is going on in the scene. Alas I couldn’t follow the vocals in the song and so I missed the message. I appreciate your mentioning it here, thanks!

  • Rache

    Briefly, I felt that Elan was contemplating jumping, but now I’m certain that’s not the case. I would hate if that’s the direction his mind is going though. He was making bold decisions by not only telling off his father, but by turning Rafa down when Rafa was talking nonsense. I think he is just contemplating his life, where to go next.

  • DC

    Elan just wants to learn to fly free of the control of others who say they have his best interests at heart. Elan needs to to have his own best interests at heart and control his own life story.

  • Sofia Rodrigues

    Aw, somehow this week I didn’t receive the update @_@ Think carefully Elan! And then jump on Rafa >D